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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

The Pet Shop is updated :) The floor under the Puffles is changed and so the Adopt a Pet Poster :)

…A Picture of the  Rainbow Puffle is added and we have a Text BUG!

UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :) The Quiz is renames to Puffle Quiz and a Puffle cost now 400 coins :) The Adopt Button is updated and so are some of the Puffle info like Personality (before it said Attitude), Favorite Snack and Cool Fact :) Here you can see how it looked like earlier How to Adopt a Puffle? The Puffle Handbook is updated with new Puffle information :)

Rainbow Puffle :)

Members Can Quest for a Rainbow Puffle

  1. Got to the Puffle Hotel
  2. Complete all four tasks in the Puffle Care Quest
  3. Launch into the Cloud Forest to meet their new pet!

Got to Puffle Hotel and become a Puffle Care Expert and then you can Adopt the Rainbow Puffle :)

…The OK Button is updated on the “Please give your new Puffle a name” paper…

…and so are the Buttons on the Adopt paper :)

…The Print button on the Adoption Certificate paper has been updated too and is now on the top left :)

…Blue Screen BUG!

…Connection was lost…

…HURRAY! Disney Club Penguin has FINALLY realized that we are TIRED of all their Advertising and removed some adds :) Just kidding! It’s a BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

…HURRAY! The Buddies Online Bug is FIXED! I can see where my Friends are in Club Penguin again :)

…Two new Portuguese books have been added to Unlock Items Online :)

…A Missão Secreta do Agente Rookie :) The English versions of the book Agent Rookie’s Secret Mission :)

…A Grande Expedição dos Puffles :) The English versions of the book PH’s Great Puffle Search :)

…Red Track Jacket is now available as an unlockable item :) This item has before been available in the Costume Trunk Catalog for the Team Blue vs. Team Red stage play :)

Water Bottle Puffle item and…

Weight Bench furniture item are now available as unlockable items :)

...and the mail notification number is changed to not be in center again…OLD Jumping back and forth BUG!

…HURRAY! The Fire Ninja Wave Bug is now Fixed so the eyes no longer are visible when you are a Shadow :)

…ANNOYING BUG! When you use Firefox or Chrome! (the Browsers Club Penguin recommends) you can if you are really quick see a picture flashing by when you feed your Puffles, buy items or login to Club Penguin!

…Here is the same animation again but this time I have made it 10 times slower then the original so you easier can see the Bug picture…

…The Icy Mask, Coat of Frost and Glacial Sandals are not visible on the Notification or Friends List! Thanks Litteltias for this Picture :) The old line and broken bubble Bugs are still there too!

…Sensei looks a little unfocused (blurry) in the Water Dojo and Fire Dojo!

…Even though I have a FULL Friends List (500 Penguins on it) and with that can’t receive more Friends Requests I have got Friends requests anyway! HURRAY! I can add more Penguins to my List :) FRIENDLY BUG!

Club Penguin Bugs!


winterwarloc said...

The server bug is not fixed for me. There were no servers lit, and I just logged on and some friends are on someplace. I see that they are on after I pick a server.

winterwarloc said...

Now the server lights up for me. I wonder if it's still buggy since it didn't work the last few times I tried it.

Roge v said...

now they changed the cost for the puffles first they cost 800 now they cost 400 :D

Jasmine 7655 said...

Yay! Cheaper puffles... that's like 2 puffles in 1!

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