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Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to play Card-Jitsu Snow? CHEATS :)

Card-Jitsu Snow is all about Teamwork and you need to work TOGETHER with your Ninja teammates to win :) In this game you will have good use of the Card-Jitsu Power Cards from the Decks Sensei has given you :) If you want to buy more Power Cards you can do that in some Toy Stores for real money OR Members can buy them for coins from the Martial Artwork Catalog :) Time to Play :) First go to the Dojo Snow Dojo…

…I LOVE how the this room is decorated :) Now go to the bridge…Battle Snow Minions?

…Would you like to play Card-Jitsu Snow? Yes :) On the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta post you will find tips and help to how to play this Game :)

...Choose your Element …

Fire Ninja! Power Cards: Damage and stun enemies! Combo: Damage enemies for 3 turns!

Water Ninja! Power Cards: Double damage to enemies! Combo: Power up to do extra damage on your next hit!

Snow Ninja! Power Cards: Damage enemies and boost ninjas’ health Combo: Shield all ninjas from the next attack!

Card-Jitsu Snow reminds me about a very simplified game of Chess so a good tip is to learn how the Ninjas and Minions can move and strike and with that knowledge it will be easier for you to understand the game and to work TOGETHER with your Team :)

Ninja Tip:

  • Play a power card to deal double damage to your target.
  • Power Cards impact 9 tiles.
  • Stop enemies from attacking the Snow Ninja by blocking their path.
  • Create a Combo when 2 or more ninjas play a Power Card in the same turn.
  • Each turn, choose a move and an action - attack, revive, or Power Card attack.
  • Every move, action, and hit charges your power meter. Unlock a Power Card when the meter is full.
  • Ninjas can hold 4 mighty Power Cards at a time. You must play a card to collect the next.
  • Get the most out of your Power Cards. Try to strike all enemies in range on a single attack.
  • Power Cards are dealt randomly. Keep charging your power meter to play all the cards you own.
  • Ninja down? Use a turn to revive your teammate.
  • Ward off nearby enemies before reviving a ninja to keep them safe.
  • Scrap swings at ninjas standing next to his target. Don't huddle together around him.
  • Sly hits harder from a distance. Get in close to take less damage.
  • Snow Ninja - Heal ninjas with Power Cards to keep the team strong.
  • Snow Power Cards can revive a fallen ninja. Watch out for nearby enemies, who may attack again!
  • Snow Ninja - Keep your distance from enemies and use your impressive range.
  • Tank thwacks 3 tiles in a strike. Don't stand shoulder-to-shoulder in front of him.

…Prepare to Battle!

…And we are in a Forest!?! Not at the Top of a Mountain! I’m surprised and a little disappointed as I LOVE Mountains but this will work too :) UPDATE: Sometimes you will play up in the Mountains too :)

…If you have Tip Mode on while playing you will get those helpful Tips:

  • Power Cards: Select a Power Card and place it on a red tile for a special attack
  • Heal: Select a white target to revive a fallen ninja
  • Timer: Choose your actions before time runs out or select the checkmark when you’re ready
  • Move: Pick a blue tile to move
  • Attack: Select a red target to attack an enemy

…HURRAY! I just earned my very FIRST Card-Jitsu Snow Stamp :)

…Good Teamwork Ninjas :) Next time we need to help each other more with the healing too and we will do GREAT :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-05-2696 - Copy

…I have unlocked  the First little movie about Sensei :) Awww…Sensei was so cute as a kid :) Look how much FUN he and his Friend had while playing TOGETHER :)

…If I click on my Card-Jitsu Card Deck and choose Card-Jitsu Saga I can see the Animated Short anytime I want :) AWESOME :)

…Keep Battling and your Next reward will be the Snow Shoes :) Card-Jitsu Snow Loading the Game BUG! HURRAY! I have got the Next Reward and the Snow Shoes Glacial Sandals are now in my Inventory :)

…Next Reward will be another Episode 2 of the Card-Jitsu Snow Saga :)

…Keep working to unlock more Episodes and the Coat of Frost, Icy Mask and Blizzard Helmet, Snow Ninja Suit ANIMATED :) Snow Gem earned and Tusk’s Cave open :)

  • Avoid Tusk's attack! He blasts icicles down 2 rows at a time, across the board.
  • Fire Ninja - Stun Tusk between row attacks to delay icicle storms and blast backs.
  • Sensei will back you up with a Power Card attack every 3 turns.
  • Sensei's Snow Power Card comes 3 turns after his Water attack. Stay near the middle to be healed.
  • Stack up behind other ninjas for Tusk's blast attack. The ninja in front won't fly back as far and can attack Tusk faster.

IMPORTANT INFO: It’s easier to win over Tusk if you are three Ninjas BUT two Ninjas can defeat him too if one of them is a Snow Ninja so don’t give up if a Ninja leave the Game!

How to beat Tusk in Card-Jitsu Snow VIDEO :)

…after you and your Team have won over Tusk you will find Tusk’s Cloak item in your inventory under neck items and you have unlocked the last Episode in the Card-Jitsu Saga “Sensei and Tusk” VIDEO :)

…CONGRATS Ninja you have come far on your Journey but you have more to learn and more items to earn before you will become a Snow Ninja :)Black Ice Headband, Frozen Armor, Arctic Cuffs, Black Ice Training Plates, The Flurry Hair Wig, Cold Snap Sandals, Snowstorm Gi, Storm Cloud Bracers ANIMATED :) Snow Shuriken Ninja item ANIMATED :) Fire Nunchaku Ninja item ANIMATED :) Water Hammer Ninja item ANIMATED :) I, Saraapril am a Snow Ninja :)

During the Card-Jitsu Party 2013 ALL Ninjas can play Card-Jitsu Snow and earn the Snow Ninja items :) Snow Ninja items to earn for EVERYONE :)

How can I quickly gain progress and become a Snow Ninja fast? The answer is TEAMWORK! You get more progress when your Team win so make sure you do your best :) Don’t give up and keep working TOGETHER!!! Victory! Ultimate Snow Ninja! You earned all Snow Rewards :)

Card-Jitsu Snow Stamps CHEATS :)

Card-Jitsu Snow Party CHEATS :)

More soon…


Seth4564 said...

I can't play :l it says I need the latest version of adobe to play.

Unknown said...

@Saraapril I sent you a fan art and we are in the same progress!

Anonymous said...

Woah good luck to become a Snow Ninja! I hope we met on Card Jitsu Snow game :D see you there!

Anonymous said...

Wow your blog is awesome

Anonymous said...

i met you aswell this morning from murraymax

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work for me, either. "Newest version of Flash Player" and stuck back at the entrance. The problem is, there is no newer version! 11.2.r202 is the most recent that Adobe gives me and that's final :(

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