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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Martial Artwork Catalog 2013 CHEATS :)

You will find the Club Penguin Martial Artworks Catalog in the Dojo and it’s FILLED with Old and AWESOME Ninja items :)

…Martial Artworks Catalog :)

…if you not are a Club Penguin Member you will get this Ad when you try to buy anything! Ninja items require a paid membership! Members can:

  • Design igloos with exclusive ninja furniture
  • Wear ninja outfits to unlock special moves
  • Train in their igloos with Card-Jitsu mats
  • Earn rewards faster with more Power Cards

…Use these on your ninja journey to cultivate strength and focus -Sensei. Master Card-Jitsu to earn your Ninja Mask. You will unlock special moves when you wear it with certain items. Power Cards: Buy 3 to bolster your skills 1500 coins :) UPDATE: July 18, 2013 Membership badges added :) UPDATE: August 14, 2013 Power Cards page updated :)

…Would you like to buy 3 Power Cards for 1500 coins? YES PLEASE :)

…These 3 Power Cards have been added to your inventory :) THANKS! I LOVE that we now can get Power Cards Online! THANKS Club Penguin this is an AWESOME Update :) But a little sad for Penguins that have paid REAL money to buy these cards…

…I LOVE ALL the Old Ninja Outfits and items in this Catalog :) Ninja Outfit: 1000 coins Wear with the Ninja Mask. And press ‘D’ to vanish. Cloud Wave Bracers: 250 coins Wear with the Ninja Outfit and Ninja Mask. And press ‘W’ to vanish in a cloud of smoke.

Goldsmith Apron: 100 coins Press ‘D’ to strike shimmering gold, Hand Gong: 400 coins Press ‘D’ to crash the gong, The Storm Hair Wig 300 coins and Lightning Gi 450 coins :)

…Mouse over this page to find the hidden secret The Bold Hair Wig 300 coins and Thunder Gi 450 coins :)

…The Quicksilver Hair Wig 350 coins, Ink Ceremony Robes 550 coins, Golden Sun Suit 500 coins and White Gi 800 coins :)

…The Cinder 250 coins and Tea Ceremony Robes 550 coins :)

…Crimson Sun Suit 500 coins :)

Dojo Igloo: 1300 coins Build your own Dojo for ninja training and contemplation, Card-Jitsu Mat: 700 coins Train in your igloo. Every match contains a valuable lesson. Tea Table 650 coins, Rice Paper Screen 500 coins and Stone Lantern 575 coins :)

…This is how the earlier Martial Artworks Catalog looked like :)

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Anonymous said...

Saraapril, I think it is better to unlock REAL cards, because you get to keep does, but the online cards can only be used by members.


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