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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Death Star is closer to Club Penguin! Soon we will have ANOTHER WAR upon us…sigh…

...Just as last week we can see the Death Star from several rooms in Club Penguin and the Star Wars Takeover Construction at the Dock is developing…

…The Beach!

…The Mountain!

…The Village!

…The Town!

…and the Iceberg!

…We have got NEW Music added to the Igloo Music List! Cantina Band, Star Wars Them, The imperial March, The Throne Room, Death Star Ambience and Tatooine Ambience!

…Pins are missing in the stamp book…BUG! BUT you still have them in your inventory :) UPDATE: July 25, 2013 this Bug is now fixed :)

…On Club Penguin’s home page a Star Wars background has been added and two New Pictures to Advertise the upcoming Takeover Party!

…There is a vertical line BUG on the right side of this Members can become a Jedi Master Picture! UPDATE: July 24, 2013 this Bug is now fixed :)

…The text “STAR WARS™ & © Lucasfilm Ltd.  All Rights Reserved.” has been added!

…On Club Penguin’s login page these two Star Wars pictures have been added! Save the Galaxy!

…Members can become a Jedi Master!

…The Martial Artwork catalog has been added to Snow Dojo and also a stone tablet you can click on to open it :)

…Before your coins was visible below the Martial Artwork catalog but now it isn't BUG! UPDATE: This bug has now been fixed :) There have also been added membership badges on some of the pages!

…The membership page has been updated with Penguin Style Check out the new fashions and hang out with friends in style! and Treasure! Take their puffles out to dig for treasure - there's a chance they'll discover rare items :)

…Club Penguin’s YouTube icon has been removed from Club Penguin Parents page…BUG!

A Missão Secreta do Agente Rookie and A Grande Expedição dos Puffles has been removed from unlock book codes!

Ninja Meeting stamp Meet 10 black belts in the Dojo Bug has been fixed so the room where it can be earned now is in Dojo instead of Ninja Hideout that no longer exists!

…Updated Tour Guide messages at the Dock: The Rebel landing base is almost done Soon Rebel ships will take us to space so we can battle the Empire! I hope they hurry! The galaxy is in danger!

…and at the Stage Tour Guide message at the Stage is updated too! Welcome to the Stage! Now showing Haunting of the Viking Opera Put on your viking helmet and hit the high notes!

… and have been updated with News from February 12, 2013 The Party Starts Now EP Available Now…WOW! That’s OLD News…LOL :)

…Some Unlockable items have been made to Free items for both Members and Non Members :) Green Bunny Slippers :)

…Blue Book :)

…White Parka :)

…Pink Skater Hat :)

…Brown Skater Hat :)

…A copy of the Yellow Cape is now available as a free item for both members and Non Members :)

…MP3K is a “New” item that’s free for both members and Non Members and it’s identical with the MP3000 :)

…Blue Baseball Uniform now also available as unlockable item :)

…The Phoenix Hair is a New unlockable only item :)

…The old and rare Target Background has been updated!

…This is how it looked like before!

…The Tree House Background’s target has been updated too! This is how it looked like before :)

…The Text on the Adopt Rainbow Puffle Task is moved down a little :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

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Szentgyörgy said...

I found the bug with the pins too and mentioned it to Club Penguin. Oh, and what is with the new unlockable items, I didn't quite get it. Will they be unlocked with codes or with books?

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