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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 404!

Imperial Forces Loom! Prepare for Space Flight!

Imperial Forces Loom!

Club Penguin needs YOU! Message from Princess Cadence —Club Penguin—I’m in desperate need of your help! We’re all in GRAVE DANGER!! The Death Star is coming! Darth Herbert is gonna TOTALLY destroy the island.

The freedom of the galaxy’s at stake and U R our only hope!It is up to you to defeat the Death Star, triumph over the dark side, and save the galaxy!  If we fail, Imperial Forces will totes control the island.You guys! There’s no dancing on the dark side! And I don’t think Darth Herbert likes puffles!Without your help we’re all DOOMED!

Prepare for Space Flight!

Astronaut training not for the faint of heart

By JPG — If you think you have what it takes for space flight—think again. It requires by-the-book, no-nonsense focus. You gotta be tough. You gotta be bold. You gotta be willing to take risks. If you’re scared of heights, you’re going to need a lot of courage. So leave your scaredy-pants at the door. Ready to dive in? Here are some tips to help:

  • Practice jumping really high. If you think you’ve jumped high enough— JUMP HIGHER!  We’re going to space!
  • Conquer gravity. Get your friends to spin you round, fast as they can!
  • And there are three things you can’t forget: fuel, food AND a green puffle. Don’t forget ’em.

One more thing, ice cream in space is terrible. So, stock up on astronaut ice cream (the dehydrated stuff—it’s much better)!

Upcoming Events!

On now! Furniture Catalog Galactic empire, or Rebel base? What’s your intergalactic igloo style?

July 25 Fly into Space Now hiring: Rebels to defeat the dark side. Apply within.

Death Star looms closer…

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until July 24.
Next pin hidden: July 25–August 7


Construction crews needed at the Dock! Bring a jellied-fish sandwich and your own hard hat.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Where’s Captain Rockhopper? – Dunn O’ Ware
I have been wondering the same thing myself these days. It is rather unusual he hasn’t sailed his way to Club Penguin lately. But, if I know Rockhopper, he’s probably in the midst of a grand adventure. Perhaps both he and Yarr have stumbled upon a treasure trove? Or, maybe he’s relaxing on the beach of a newly discovered land. Wherever he is, there are a few things we know for certain. He’s either discovering treasure, drinking barrels of cream soda, or enjoying mounds of stinky cheese...I just hope he remembers to check his beard for crumbs and stinky socks. Where do you think Rockhopper is?

Ancient rumors of a mysterious puffle.

I’ve heard rumors of a golden puffle. Are they true? – Shyne E.

The golden puffle is perhaps the most mysterious creature of all. Some say it lives under the Iceberg. Others say it can be found hiding in the Forest. So far, the only discoveries made, have been impostors. In Quest for the Golden Puffle, it’s nothing but a statue of chocolate. And a fake one was once used as bait to capture Herbert. We’re no closer to the truth, but conspiracy theorists believe it’s out there. A golden puffle would be an interesting discovery for Club Penguin. So, please report any sightings!

Secrets Classified Snow Trekker :)

Ever wonder what that yellow vehicle in the bottle at the Lighthouse is? It’s a Snow Trekker! And they’ve been seen around Club Penguin since the very beginning. One appeared in the Pizza Parlor during the Music Jam. And we also saw one in the Yeti Cave at the end of the Great Snow Maze. You never know when one might surface again, so keep a look out!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 403 :)

More soon…


Mrwaddel51 said...

The R2-D2 puffle is so CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Saraapril, you are totally cool! I love reading your blog because it's dependable and is really fun to read!

Together, we ROCK!

-Happy Love Y

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