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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saying Goodbye!

WE DID IT! The Seeds are collected and safely stored in the Seed Vault THANKS to ALL that helped out :)

…I have talked to my Puffles and they understand that they have to be sent away again due to another war! My Puffles are worried and they keep asking my why there is war in our world? Why do some make others suffer and get killed? Why can’t we all live in peace? I have told them what I learned from the Old Crab but they still don’t understand how some can choose to do horrible things to others and to be honest neither can I!

…It’s time! I have hugged my Puffles Goodbye and the Crabs are here to take them to…WAIT! Due to their Safety I can’t tell you about that! Bye Puffles I Love you ALL so Much be kind and helpful and remember I Love you ALWAYS! Hugs again…Bye…Bye…

Club Penguin Marvel War Diary!

Club Penguin Marvel War 2013 part 1

UPDATE: Diabolic Plan! Star Wars Club Penguin Chapter 1!


Anonymous said...

i hope your puffles to be okay and good luck surviving the war :)

Unknown said...

I think the work you are doing for the environment is great! I shall have to send my puffles away too. I shall miss Marshmallow ( white ), Tango ( Orange ), DJ Cadence ( Purple ) and my rainbow puffle Skittles :(

I hate goodbyes...


Anonymous said...

It's too bad there is another war upon us. I wish the best for all of your Puffles!

Anonymous said...

the war started a little today and my 2nd rainbow puffle nammed rainbows died :( but my other rainbow puffle is still alive she is nammed rainbowy so all my puffles -all colors and their names are their colors but added a Y to the end- where sent with the same crabs that took your puffles to a safe place to a place that they would not even know the war is on.
Guide Cp

Anonymous said...

It must be sad to send all your puffles away again, but it is for their safety. I made sure my puffles know what is going on and trained them so they can hide and defend themselves. So many wars are happening, and I realize many penguins WANT wars. They wanted the Marvel Takeover back, and now they want THIS ?!?
-A dear reader, Melvin 505

Anonymous said...

Club Penguin needs a peace party!

Anonymous said...

Last war, my rainbow puffle Rainbow died! I'm happy that the Star Wars AND the Marvel wars are done! My puffles are sad because prior to losing my membership, I lost my igloo and therefore their furniture! :(
Your friend,

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