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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Waddle in the Forest - Saraapril Games :)

Spot the Difference: Here is a picture of my Puffle Gosig and me when we are out on a Waddle in the Club Penguin Forest :)

…Here we are again BUT on this picture Three things are different can you find them?

…Leave your answer as a comment and I will post them Tomorrow :)

Saraapril Games :)


Szentgyörgy said...

1. On the 1st picture there are 4 stripes under the sign, on the 2nd there is only 1. Others I didn't found...

Unknown said...

1- No Puffle
2- The lines near rhe "arrow sign"
3- The part in the ladder is missing

Anonymous said...

Yes im the first to get the answer:D

1.Your puffle is missing

2.the pin of the ladder to hidden lake is gone

3.three of the black lines in the snow are gone


Anonymous said...

1. Your green puffle is gone
2. One stake is gone on the ladder
3. Two of the three lines by the sign are gone.

~Tommy Man4

Abdul54 said...

Gosig is gone! three of the line from plaza to forest is gone and one of the nail is missing -Abdul54

Girish2002 said...

Difference #1: Your green puffle: Gosig is missing
Difference #2: One nail that holds the ladder to the Hidden Lake is missing.
Difference #3: A few marks on the snow are missing

CJ's Blog said...

difference #1: your green puffle is gone
difference #2: there are four lines near the arrow sign of 1st picture,but the second one has only one line
Difference #3: there is only one nail on the rope ladder of hidden lake path,the 1st picture has two nails there

Anonymous said...

A Peg from the ladder, lines on the snowy path, and your puffle is gone :)

Jasmine 7655 said...

One peg of the ladder is missing, Gosig has disappeared and three of the lines in the snow just under the arrow sign have disappeared.
Waddle on Sara!

Anonymous said...

1. The Green Puffle is missing.
2. One of the pegs in the ladder are missing.
3. Three of the black marks in the snow by the arrow sign are missing.

Anonymous said...

1. Gogis is gone.
2.Near the arrow, some marks in the snow are gone.
3. One of the pegs holding the cave's ladder up is gone.


Anonymous said...

The lines by the sign are mostly gone, one of the stakes in the ladder is gone, and Gosig is completely gone!!!


Anonymous said...

Your puffle, The black lines in the snow under the arrow sign, and the nail/peg thing holding the ladder up.

Hockey322 said...

1. Green puffle

2. Lines on the snow near the exit

3. Nail on the ladder that leads to the hidden lake


Anonymous said...

the puffle, the nail on the rope ladder, and the lines at the entrance

BTW I'm anonymous with the pep rally plan and it will be at the university entrance on icicle at 12:00 p.m. Club Penguin Time. I hope u can come.
- Peacelovr ;)

Turtlebuddy2 said...

1. Gosig is missing!
2. One of the pegs is missing from the ladder.
3. There are three more black lines under the large black line.

Anonymous said...

The snow lines, the post holding up the ladder, and Gosig is missing!

-Ace :)

Anonymous said...

some lines under the sign, the puffle and at the beginning of the ladder


Anonymous said...

The lines beneath the sign, the peg that holds the ladder, and your puffle! :)

@cpfinders said...

No puffle, curves in the snow are different, ladder leading to underground is missing a piece.

Pengy74724 said...

Here are the differences:
1. Your green puffle is missing.
2. The 3 lines close to the exit to the Plaza have been made to 1.
3. One of the pegs on the ladder leading to the secret cave are missing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I can spot them! They are: a nail is off the ladder, ur puffle is gone and lines are missing from the snow ;D

Anonymous said...

1. Your puffle is missing :)
2. The ripples in the snow in the top left are gone :)
3. On the ladder the pin holding one side is missing too :)

Waddle On!
- Tubbi3 :)

Club1551 said...

Puffle stairs and stripe down the arrow

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