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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Diabolic Plan! Star Wars Club Penguin Chapter 1!

Star Wars has taken over Club Penguin and everywhere I look I see Penguins fighting! This makes me feel so Sad! What happened to our once so friendly, supportive and happy world? Where are all the unkindness and darkness coming from? When I entered the Throne Room at the Death Star I found Herbert or “Darth Herbert” as he now calls himself looking at Club Penguin while breathing loudly and I decided to confront him with some questions! Hi Herbert I said how are you feeling toda…

…SARAAPRIL!!! Herbert looked surprised! What are YOU doing HERE!?! I’m here to talk to you old Friend :) OLD FRIEND?!? I’m NOT OLD! And I don’t feel Friendly AT ALL! Okay…I can see that you are upset but I remember when we sang imagine TOGETHER during the latest Marvel war and…I can’t remember that Darth Herbert growled…I looked at him in disbelief! What?!? BUT…anyway, can you please help me to stop all the fighting that is going on in Club Penguin?

…STOP THE FIGHTING!?! Darth Herbert started to LAUGH! MWAHAHAHA!!! This is only the beginning! Haven’t you got it yet little girl? I’m here to Destroy Club Penguin and everything it stands for! I have already successfully managed to stop many of your original Parties like Water Party, April Fools and Music Jam! The last time Rockhopper visited I destroyed his compass so now he can’t find his way back to Club Penguin, your sea shanty singing, jig dancing Captain and his little fur ball are lost at sea FOREVER! MWAHA HA!!!

…WHAT!?! That’s so…so…EVIL!!! How could you do that!?! What if Rockhopper and Yarr are in Danger due to your Actions!

…They probably are MWAHAHA!!! And that’s not all! I have canceled the Earth Day Party and torn down the Recycling Plant and destroyed so you no longer can work TOGETHER in the Community Garden and I have cut down the Community Tree as it’s the symbol of the world wide Friends nonsense and I have…

…STOP!!!! I know that Herbert don’t like noisy Parties BUT he LOVES the Environment and he would NEVER stop an Earth Day Party, tear down the Recycling Plant or destroy a Tree! Who are YOU? I quickly took a step forward and ripped off Darth Herbert’s Helmet and then I shocked stumbled back…You are NOT HERBERT!!! You are…You are…

…To be continued…

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UPDATE: The Truth about Darth Herbert! Star Wars Club Penguin Chapter 2!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Saraapril, you are good at writing stories and making me just want to continue reading and reading more of the story


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