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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 409!

Summer Jam Starts Now! Hottest Show in Town!

Summer Jam Starts Now!

Welcome to the ultimate summer party!

By Cadence — The Summer Jam is the summer party of the century! It has something for everyone—even motorbike racing! I just finished surfing the most MONDO wave ever! Are u ready to shoot the curl? Well what r u waitin’ 4?

U can hit the surf from any beach front, just look for a buoy. There’s nothin’ like shredding some serious stellar surf 2 get u in the mood 2 partay! One MONDO group of party-goers started a HUGE bash after SPLASHING down at the Water Park. “Everywhere you turn, someone’s either rocking out, surfing, or just being plain rad!” “This is AWESOME!” said one crazy surfer dude. If u need a break from partying, splashing, or surfing—hit up Big Momma’s at the Forts. It’s the perfect hangout to guzzle down an ice cold smoothie with ur friends! The Summer Jam is totes the place 2 be! Surf’s up August 22–September 4. So, I’ll c u there GUYS!

Hottest Show in Town!

McKenzie and Brady perform at Big Momma’s

By Cadence — If u r ready to rock the dance floor, head to Big Momma’s! Coz, that’s where it’s happenin’

And, I’ve got some rad news 4 u guys! My friends McKenzie and Brady are gonna be there 2 ROCK THE HOUSE! They r super stoked to be here and are gonna put on an INSANE show for you at Big Momma’s .So, swing by after u’ve surfed, raced, and rocked—dance your butt off at the show or just chillax. So watch the show at Big Momma’s— And members, head Backstage for your chance to meet them. Both McKenzie and Brady are pumped to see you and teach us some surf tips! In the meantime, GO SHRED THAT WAVE and I’ll catch you later!

Upcoming Events :)

Sep. 12 Like Sheep Costumes? Want to get lost in la-la land? Fairy Fables comes to the Stage!

Sep. 5 Postcards Say hi to a new friend with an old postcard!

Sep. 5 Penguin Style Hit the books with the latest back-to-school must-haves.

Grab your board and hit the surf! The hottest summer party is here!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until September 4.
Next pin hidden: September 5–September 18

Newsflash :)

Huge crowds are hitting up the water slides at the Water Park. Lifeguards needed ASAP!

Ask Cadence :)

How do I become famous? – Faye Mouse
Being a SUPERSTAR isn’t always about being famous. It’s all about how u treat others, and about ur own inner awesomeness! 2 get noticed, u gotta believe in urself, work hard, and practice your TALENT. Whatevs ur talent is. Puffle launching? Pizza tossing? DJ-ing? Break dancing? Tuba playing? Go for it! Also, u wanna show off ur look wherever u r. The island’s ur runway. OWN IT! Be unique. Don’t just follow the trends—make them! Create ur own über stellar style, and be BOLD! Expressing urself through style is a sure way 2 get recognized. Finally, help out ur friends whenever u can! Lending a flipper to others will TOTES make u stand out from the crowd. Stay true 2 U! <3

Great surfers never give up!

How do I become a great surfer? – Sir Fur
Shreddin’ waves and shootin’ tubes are hard work! And becoming an expert surfer needs expert advice. So, I chatted with my friends McKenzie and Brady! Here r a few tips they gave me. U gotta know how 2 swim, so don’t be afraid to get wet! Remember, balance is the key, so practice in water AND on land. Don’ t worry about wiping out. And, if u bail, just get back up again. Learn the surf and watch the breaks. U guys r gonna rock those boards. I’ll see u in the surf—Cadence, OUT!

Secrets Classified Start a Band!

Want to jam with your own band? Well, get your friends and grab your instruments. Head over to the Lighthouse, make sure your instrument is the only item you’re wearing, and press ‘D’. The Lighthouse has a stellar sound system so you can really rock the house!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 408!

More soon…

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