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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Resist! Star Wars Club Penguin Chapter 4!

Among the rubble from the Recycling plant I saw something move and a dianoga appeared! It looked at me and then it said Don’t let anyone threaten or scare you Saraapril look inside your heart and you will know what to do and then it disappeared!

…Look inside my heart…Now I know! Princess Cadence is wrong! I’m NOT Club Penguin’s Only Hope WE ARE! TOGETHER ALL Penguins can help out to save our beloved world! Let’s email Club Penguin and tell them our opinion about Disney Takeovers and the destruction of the Recycling Plant! Let’s show Club Penguin that we kids care about the Environment and want the Recycling Plant back by making clover emotes and grow Flowers! It’s time to resist and tell Disney to STOP destroying Club Penguin! Let’s work TOGETHER TO SAVE OUR WORLD!

The Power of the Pink Helmet! Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin Chapter 3!


Anonymous said...

I love your idea Saraapril! I have an idea. meet me online at server alpine at the town right now and we'll start a petition against the removing of the recycling plant and disney destroying Club Penguin. I hope this works!

Your fan,

Anonymous said...

You are very inspiring, so I sent Club Penguin a couple emails.

Anonymous said...

We will try our best. I WAS going to make a 'Boycott Club Penguin' website, but now I will try to save Club Penguin a different way.
Your friend,

Peacelovr said...

Good idea, I did have an idea to have a pep rally

Anonymous said...

Sara! I emailed cp about what there doing! Hoping they will get back soon! Soon we will have the CP we know and love I hope! :) Will you help me Sara? Let tell them we want 22 puffles so you can get Prism! Lets tell them we want recycle center and no ad parties! Boycott CP!


Anonymous said...

This is so true! I know you want your puffle, and I want you to have it too! I don't want them to do the ad parties, and I want the recycling center back!


gusgus said...

I think that's a really good idea Saraapril. I was about to ask "Can you have a disney infinity party?" but I stopped and said "Can you have another festival of flight?" (I loved that party :) ) WHY DO THEY HAVE TO ADVERTISE!

Mogan 30 said...

Hi Saraapril! Hi messaged them, I think taking down the recycling plant sends the wrong message to children. I'm glad someone thinks like me! :)

Anonymous said...

this story is amazing and so true disney is turning cp into an advertisment world rather than fun and immaginative and bring back the recyling plant i hate the dumb university

Anonymous said...

Great idea!!! You are super inspiring =D

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