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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Teen Beach Movie Catalog CHEATS :)

The items Catalog for Members is here and it’s FILLED with Teen Beach Movie Styles! The McKenzie Hair Wig 175 coins, McKenzie’s Necklace 150 coins, McKenzie’s Biker Outfit 300 coins, McKenzie’s Beach Outfit 300 coins, McKenzie’s Beach Shoes 250 coins, The Brady Hair Wig 100 coins, Brady’s Beach Outfit 300 coins, Brady’s Sneakers 250 coins, Brady’s Biker Outfit 300 coins, Brady’s Shoes 250 coins and Magic Surfboard 200 coins are NEW items :)

…And so are the Butchy’s Bike Helmet 150 coins, Black Motorbike 400 coins, Red Motorbike 400 coins, Lela’s Bike Helmet 150 coins, Pink Motorbike 400 coins, Brady’s Surfboard 200 coins and McKenzie’s Surfboard 200 coins :)

…Mouse over this page to find the Hidden Secret Old Grass Skirt 200 coins :)

…The Butchy Hair Wig 100 coins, Butchy’s Gloves 100 coins, Butchy’s Outfit 200 coins, Butchy’s Boots 250 coins, The Cheechee Hair Wig 175 coins, Cheechee Outfit 300 coins, Cheechee’s Boots 250 coins, The Big Momma 175 coins, Big Momma’s Outfit 300 coins, The Blonde Beehive Hair Wig 175 coins, Biker Girl Outfit 300 coins, Pink Biker Shoes 275 coins are NEW items :)

…and the Old Shade Shades 200 coins are back :)

…The Lela Hair Wig 100 coins, Lela’s Red Dress 200 coins, Red Biker Shoes 275 coins, Lela’s Biker Outfit 300 coins, Lela’s Boots 250 coins, The Tanner Hair Wig 100 coins, Tanner’s Outfit 300 coins, The Giggles Hair Wig 175 coins, Giggle’s Pink Outfit 200 coins, Bubble Gum 100 coins, The Seacat 175 coins and Seacats Blue Outfit 300 coins are NEW items :)

…If a Non member tries to buy anything from this Catalog they will get this Ad Message: Purchasing Summer Jam outfits requires a paid membership. members can: Buy biker or surfer outfits inspired by Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie. Chill out Backstage at Big Momma’s

Teen Beach Summer Jam Club Penguin CHEATS :)

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Anonymous said...

hi Saraapril:)
i have two penguin accounts and i love your blog.
but i dont know what is wrong with my accounts:(
Some penguins can have mckenzie and brady's things, but i cant...
my cousin also has a penguin and she can buy these things:(
why I can't ?

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