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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Power of the Pink Helmet! Star Wars Club Penguin Chapter 3!

I felt the heat from the weapon and just as Spike Hike was ready to strike me a Pink Helmet appeared hovering over my head!

…Spike Hike looked Surprised and dropped his Lightsaber NOOOO!!!!! I’m afraid of that Helmet he yelled in panic and run away!

…What!?! I reached for the Pink Viking Helmet to look closer at it…Where did this come from? And why is Spike Hike so afraid of it?Suddenly Sensei appeared, Greetings Grasshopper, I can see that you have the Powerful Pink Helmet in your flippers! Yes I answered did you send it to save me? Sensei looked at me with his wise and kind eyes. I would have if I could Saraapril but I’m not that powerful the only creature that is so powerful that it can send an object through the Galaxy is the Old Crab.

…The Old Crab Saved me!?! I smiled and touched the Shell Necklace the Old Crab once gave me THANKS OLD CRAB! Then I asked Sensei Why is Spike Hike so afraid of a Pink Helmet?

…Sensei answered the Pink Viking Helmet is a symbol of honesty and integrity and nothing is scarier than that for a Marketer! I’m glad to see that you are safe and I am looking forward to your next blog post and then he bowed and vanished!

…Immediately I got a hologram message from Princess Cadence: Save the originality of Club Penguin Saraapril! Help me, you are my only hope!

…I’m Club Penguin’s only Hope!?! That is a GIGANTIC burden to put on someone! My stomach started to ache, what shall I do now? I loosened my firm grip of the Pink Helmet and it left my flippers and started to float in the air and move away and I followed it…

…all the way down to the trash compactor and there it just Vanished! Why had it lead me down here? And how can I save Club Penguin from Spike Hike’s plan?

…To be continued…

The Truth about Darth Herbert! Star Wars Takeover Club Penguin Chapter 2!

UPDATE: Resist! Star Wars Club Penguin Chapter 4!


Unknown said...

Great! LOL

Unknown said...

That good story Saraapril! :D

ploppyfloppy said...

dont worry saraapril me and my puffles are ready to help :)

Anonymous said...

luck is with saraapril

-Cloze(cp name)

Penguina192 said...

We can just hope that they keep the fall fair in September. There is nothing we can do about the Teen Beach Movie party sadly.

ploppyfloppy said...

dear saraapril there will be no fall fair this year instead a medival party

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