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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tour Guide Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Club Penguin 2013 :)

The TBM - Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Takeover Party is here in Club Penguin and if you open the Map and click on Go there…

…You will be teleported to the Snow Forts! What!?! No Snow and No Forts…WEIRD…BUT the Clock tower is still here:) Let’s start the Guided Tour here: Let's hit the Beach! Warm up by the fire after a swim, chillax on the shore or head inside Big Mommas for a soda…(Typo BUG! It should be Big Momma’s)

…Here are the safe chat quick messages :) Summer Party, Surf's Up! Cowabunga! Let's get to the beach!  Surf, sand, sun! Beyond the reef! Soakin' up the sun, Destiny await, We're in a movie, Friends forever…

…Welcome to Big Momma's It's the perfect hangout! Here's where you'll catch McKenzie and Brady's EPIC show! Check the clock for the next show!

…This is the Backstage VIP area Hang with friends or have a bite to eat If you're lucky you might see McKenzie and Brady! How to dance on Mack and Brady’s Stage? CHEAT :)

…Surfers! Here we are at the Plaza! Break from the waves at the Puffle Hotel or chow down on a MONDO sized pizza!

…DUDES! Here we are at the Forest Toast marshmallows Play hide and seek in the trees or warm up by the fire. I like this room the waterfall is so pretty :)

…Shred some waves at the Cove Guzzle down a tropical treat Cool off with a swim or soak up some rays on the beach. Let’s try the wave :) Follows arrow on blue surfboard…

…Cowabunga dude! Shred waves at the most totally Epic Wave! Catch a wave, shoot the tube and show off your moves! LOOK AT ME! I can drive my PINK motorbike on a Surfboard! LOL :) Teen Beach Movie items Catalog CHEATS :)

…Zooooooommmm You've just rolled up to the Highway dudes and dudettes Cruise by with some friends or challenge them to a race!

…Woahhhhhh check out the Garage Give your bike a tune up or fill up before you hit the road! If you sit on the motorbikes you will hear motor sounds and if you enter the Garage area you will hear a ping sound :)

…Hit up the Outdoor Theater Bust a move to some tunage. Chow a tasty fish snack or build a sandcastle.

…Surf's up at the Town! Bust a move at the Dance Club Get a coffee before you hit the surf or shop the latest in beachwear.

…Look at the Stadium :) SPLASH! We're at at the Water Park Slip and slide your way down or hang out in the pool. I LOVE this room and the slides if you are looking for me I will most likely be found here :)

…Time to end this Tour with some Party jokes :)
What did the pig say at the beach? I'm bakin'!
How do fish call each other? On their shell phones!
How do teddy bears keep cool in the summer? Bear Conditioning!
What do you call a dog on the beach? A hot dog!
How do you cut a wave in half? Use a sea saw!
What washes up on small beaches? Micro-waves!
What did the TV do at the beach? Channel Surf!
What is the best day to go to the beach? Sunday!
How do you say hi to a surfer? Just wave!

…For info about FREE items and much MORE look at this post Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Club Penguin CHEATS :)

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