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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

A New ad is added on Disney Club Penguin Home Page: Attention Member Wizards, Princesses, and Ogres Check out the NEW Igloo Catalog…(The Catalog is not available yet) UPDATE: The Igloo Catalog is available :)

…Your Penguin name is now written in a bold white font that is outlined with grey! If you lay down an item on the ground while dancing it will be hidden behind the BIG BOLD NAME! WHY have Club Penguin made this text change? We already have a blue circle so we easily can find ourselves on the screen! I find the BIG BOLD NAME LETTERS ANNOYING!

…Let’s see what Rockhopper has planed for this visit :) Click on the Notice Board…

To Do List:
Get me pirate pals to scrub the deck
Share a slimy seaweed pizza with me friends
Start a pirate parade
Give Gary the dusty, book of potions

…If you don’t have earned the Construction stamp you can do that right now in any of the rooms that are decorated for the Medieval Party Preparations :) If you need a Hard Hat you can pick up one for FREE here at the Mine Cave :)

…Since August 1, 2013 the Machine down here is BROKEN!! We can no longer Throw Snowballs for Power…BUG! OR is this a part of Darth Herbert’s plan?

New Feature: If you have an item or items on your avatar that does a special dance the actions icon will light up and an arrow points to it :)

…When you click on the actions icon an arrow points to the dance icon that is green :) COOL! I like this useful update :)

…NEW Catalogs are available and I have got an arrow pointing to the edit igloo icon :) COOL :)

…BUT even after I have looked at and bought items in the New Catalogs, left the room and come back to my Igloo the arrow is still there…BUG! UPDATE: The arrow is now gone :)

…The Igloo Music list has been updated and the Medieval Theme tune is NEW! Knight's Challenge, Beware the Dragon, Twelfth Fish Theme tunes are a little changed and the Walk Among the Roses is the same as before :)

…Oops! There is an Error on Club Penguin Fun Stuff, Comics, Arts and Crafts, Recipes, Fun Activities and Exit page: “Warning: include_once(): Unable to allocate memory for pool. in include_once() (line 3 of /usr/share/drupal/sites/default/settings.php).” UPDATE: This BUG has been fixed :)

…OH NO! The Volcano Igloo Item log out Exit page BUG is STILL around!

…The Club Penguin Map has been updated and this is how the Igloo area looks like now :) On this Bug and Details post you can see how it looked like earlier :)

…The Clock Target Stamp has got another design just like the Backgrounds with Target! This is how the Clock Target Stamp looked like before :)

…The target at the Snow Forts has also been updated :)

…TRUSTe Kids Privacy has a new design :) This is how the icon looked like earlier :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

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