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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 will soon start and on the CP Home page two new ads have been added: Enchanted and epic medieval styles available for members Check out the PARTY CATALOG :) (Not available yet) Members, looking for Ogre Puffle Head Igloo decor? Check ye NEW Furniture Catalog :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-09-1292 - Copy

…Right now I have a Login BUG! A plug-in (Shockwave Flash) isn't responding…I hope Club Penguin fixes this Bug ASAP!

UPDATE: The Shockwave Flash isn't responding Bug is Fixed BUT now I get stuck in a FOREVER LOADING BUG Instead! NOOOOO!!!!!!!

…I can now login to Club Penguin with my Non member Penguin in English Servers BUT in the Magic Potion Book I got from Gary in a German Server is GONE and so is the New Club Penguin Times! And Gary is not around anymore…

…BUT if I login to a German Server both the Book and Newspaper are available :) Medieval Party 2013 Club Penguin CHEATS :) UPDATE: I can now login to Club Penguin with my Member Penguin in English Servers and my Non Member Penguin’s Magic Book and the Newspaper are available in English Servers :) If you never have met Gary Before you will automatically get his Stamp when you meet the Gary bot…BUG!

…The Spy Drills are no longer available! Thanks Varun Gupta for telling me about this BUG?!

…Rockhopper and Yarr have left Club Penguin and the Migrator is already FAR AWAY!

…The Explorer stamp can be earned by visiting Coffee Shop, Night Club, The Dock, Forest, Snow Forts, Pizza Parlor, The Plaza, Stadium, School, Mine Shack, Town, Party room Dining Hall and Party room Wizard Library :) And here are Sneak Peeks for the items we can be earned by mixing Potions :)

…Wizardly Hat :)

…Wizardly Jacket :)

…Magical Wand :)

…The Puffle Dig Helmet is an item that can be unlocked with a code from the Club Penguin Magazine issue 22 :)

…The text “Everyday Phoning Facility” has been added to safe chat! Click on Answers…Location…Club Penguin…Ski Village to see it BUT as you can see in the Picture the Text doesn't fit…BUG!

… In the Book Rockhopper and the Stowaway…

…the text Bug “now you’re ship” has been corrected to “now your ship” :)

…HURRAY! The Snowball throwing Bug is fixed in Cave Mine :)

…The Lighthouse Catalog icon is back to the Old one…BUG!

…The ladder is closed due to the Party decoration at the Forest :)

…These are the current Featured Postcards :)

…After Transformed back into a Penguin the Actions are still glowing…BUG!

…We have got three special Medieval Party 2013 Emotes :)

…Sensei is blurry in Fire Dojo…

…and Water Dojo! BUG!

…Here is a Sneak Peek of how your Player Card will look like when you are Transformed into a Green Puffle Dragon :)

…Black Puffle Unicorn :)

…Aqua Fairy :)

…Light Blue Fairy :)

…Black Fairy :)

…Blue Fairy :)

…Brown Fairy :)

…Dark Green Fairy :)

…Green Fairy :)

…Light Blue Fairy :)

…Lime Green Fairy :)

…Orange Fairy :)

…Peach Fairy :)

…Pink Fairy :)

…Dark Purple Fairy :)

…Red Fairy :)

…Yellow Fairy :)

…and the Blue Puffle Dragon :)

...Oops! BUG…Those words in the Tour Guide need a little more space :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…


Anonymous said...

hey wow its been forever ive been here since i quit cp well anyway love how you did your website its looking great! and still helping!keep up the good work! -coolgirl670

Unknown said...

same thing happening to me! :(

Anonymous said...

OMG THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME TOO! Once it gets fixed, do you think we could meet up saraapril? I would love to meet you!

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