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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 411 :)



Rockhopper returns to the island By Aunt Arctic — Last week, an odor of stinky cheese was reported just before the Migrator, was spotted  in the Telescope. Eager residents are buzzing with excitement as they prepare for the Captain's arrival!

To get the inside scoop, I sent a Jet Pack Reporter to the Migrator. REPORTER: "Rockhopper, is it true you are bringing rare and perhaps magical items to the island?" ROCKHOPPER: "ARRRRR it be true, I be bringin' great bargains, like strange hats and potions. I also be bringin' stinky cheese as BIG as me belly! But I be likely eatin' it all." REPORTER: "Sounds exciting! And very delicious." "Is it also true that you will only be around for one week?" ROCKHOPPER: "It be only one week, but there be loads of adventure we be havin'. I come with tales of sailin' the high seas, battlin' sea monsters, and thievin' pink flamingos!" Well, there you have it, Rockhopper is en route and arrives on September 12! ARRRR you ready for the Captain?


Get ready for the Medieval Party! By Gary — GADZOOKS! I must say, last year's Medieval Party was most exceptional! Becoming a wizard to defeat the dragon, Scorn, was a remarkable experience. What a fascinating species dragons are! This year, to help us prepare, I'm setting up a laboratory to apprentice you all in the ways of wizardry. Remember, casting spells and mixing potions requires vision, inventiveness, and safety goggles! One mistake could end disastrously. With a 93.72% certainty, I foresee fantastical creatures, brave knights, beautiful princesses, and powerful wizards in all our futures. We're going to need magic, and a lot of it. Start getting your medieval garments from the Clothes Shop, and I'll see you at the party, Sept. 19—Oct. 2

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Penguin Style Head to the Clothes Shop for medieval must-haves and back-to-school basics.

Sept 12 Rockhopper Arrives The Migrator docks at the Beach on September 12!

Sept 12 Furniture Create your own castle or ogre igloo with the latest in medieval furniture.


Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Sept 18.
Next pin hidden: September 19 - October 2

Newsflash :)

Thanks U guys 4 an AWESOME party! I had a blast surfin' with U all. —Cadence out.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What was in the terrarium at the university? – T.R. Rium
It is clear something escaped. And after interviewing some students – I am not any closer to uncovering the truth. Some students were sure they saw a giant spider, some – a teeny tiny dragon. Others claim the terrarium is not empty at all. Whatever it is, has made quite the mess! Green goo has spilled, and the terrarium appears to be unoccupied. I must get to the bottom of this. So, if you hear anything, let me know right away. In the meantime, ask around. I am certain someone, somewhere knows something.

What are the lunch specials? – Sue Shi
Hungry for hot dogs or frantic for fish burgers? There's something for everyone!

Monday: Fish Burgers
Tuesday:  Sushi
Wednesday: Hot dogs
Thursday: Salad
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Soup
Sunday: Spaghetti

The bravest pirate to sail the seven seas!

Who's Rockhopper? – R.B. Acaptin
Rockhopper is a pirate captain, Club Penguin's best known adventurer, and a very good friend of mine. Together with his red puffle Yarr, he sails the high seas in his ship, the Migrator. He built the ship himself, and travels to mysterious islands, far from Club Penguin. When he visits, he brings back rare and unusual items, and many tall tales. Legend has it, he has battled a squid, raced an ostrich, and had many a skirmish with a narwhal. He's always up for a pirate parade, and enjoys a good pizza party - so if you meet him, be sure to join in. But keep in mind, you may find the captain to have a strange odor. Usually from a bit of stinky cheese in his beard. Though don't be dismayed, it's actually quite tasty.

Secrets Classified Treasure Hunt Tips :)

If treasure is what you're after, head over to the Migrator for a game of Treasure Hunt. Keep your eyes peeled for sparkles. If you spot them, there's a good chance of treasure. But if you find a coin first, you can be almost sure you won't find any gems there. Head to the Migrator on September 12, and start digging!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 410 :)

More soon…

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