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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 412 :)

Ancient Potion Book! Captain Rockhopper Returns :)

Ancient Potion Book!

Mysterious book discovered on mysterious island

By Gary — Salutations! As you may have heard, Captain Rockhopper is here and gave me a book of magical potions! Since Rockhopper has no use for it, he handed it over to me. What an exceptional surprise!

It once belonged to a young girl by the name of Garianna – Indeed a peculiar name. Although, I must say there is something strangely familiar about it. I'm not sure who she is or was, but she seems to be some kind of wizard. And her potion recipes promise weird and wonderful transformations. With the Medieval Party coming up, we can start conducting experiments. One of the spells is astounding - an extremely large dragon! I wonder if I can transform myself?According to my calculations, there is a 98.65% chance I'll have at least one transformation worked out by next week. So, hold on to your wizard hats, the wizard school opens Sept. 19 and I'll need apprentices!

Ancient Potion Book! Captain Rockhopper Returns :)

It be time fer a pirate parade!

By Rockhopper — Ahoy, mateys! I be back! And it be a long time to be away from Club Penguin! AVAST! I be trapped in a GIANT SQUALL that threw me Migrator far into the seven and a half seas. Ferocious invisible goldfish, angry pink flamingos, and delicious stinky cheese all be keepin' me busy. I be exploring mysterious islands with Yarr by me side, of course. We be findin' the rarest of items and I be bringin' em back with me. Ye best be headin' o'er to me Migrator – there be somethin' fer everyone. This week'll be full o' pirate parades, tales of adventure, and we can't be forgettin' – PIZZA and CREAM SODA! I only be here for one week, so I better be seein' all me fellow pirates. If by chance I miss ye this time – I'll be catchin' ye next time! So, put ye best peg leg forward and keep a look out fer me!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Rockhopper's Arrival Ahoy! Rare items be at the Migrator! So head o'er to the Beach and start a pirate parade!

Sept 19 Medieval Party Wizards and ogres and knights! Oh my!

This month, make the most of your medieval furniture!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Sept 18.
Next pin hidden: September 19 - October 2

Newsflash :)

Aunt Arctic is fact checking the actual existence of ferocious invisible goldfish. Please send proof to the Club Penguin Times.

Ask Rockhopper :)

What's Rockhopper Island like? – Miss Terious>
Rockhopper Island be farther than the farthest isle. The water be bluer than the bluest puffle. The sand be full of sandcastles bigger than me Migrator. In it, hidden treasure and the rarest items ye ever did see.There also be stinky cheese trees. So you'll never run out!There be red puffes as far as the eye can see! They be a friendly bunch, so ye always be havin' company.

What's the fiercest sea monster you've ever faced? – C. Mon Ster
The scariest monster be an eleven-headed blobfish! This creature had the biggest nose I ever did see. It be eatin' me Migrator, so I be promisin' him me treasure, in return for not turnin' me into his dinner. I gave him a treasure chest full of crumbs from me beard. So, I best be avoidin' the blobfish and his eleven heads. Unless, I be wantin' to turn into a Rockhopper sandwich!

A captain needs a coat :)

Where did you get your new coat? – Jay Ket
I be explorin' a mysterious new land when I came across a dark cave deep into the mountain. It be a Wednesday if my memory be shipshape. The cave be filled with gargantuan cobwebs and mammoth spiders bigger than me pal, Yarr. I be walkin' deeper and deeper into the cavern. Suddenly, I be seeing loads of treasure sparklin' right in front of me. I be findin' magic carpets, golden mummies, cursed totems, and jeweled crowns. And, underneath it all was the finest pirate jacket I e'er be findin'. I took it and left the rest behind, fer me Migrator already be overflowin'. It be fittin' remarkably well. Now I be the best dressed pirate that e'er sailed the seven and a half seas.

Secrets Classified How to Get Rockhopper’s Key :)

If ye be wantin' to get to me Captain's Hold, ye best be lookin' fer me key. Go to the Book Room and open up me journal! Turn to the last page and thar ye be findin' it! What kind of pirate be I, if I be givin' away me secrets!?

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 411 :)

More soon…

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