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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 413 :)

Wizard School Open! Wizard Transform!

Wizard School Open!

Grab your spell book, potion class now starting By Gary — EUREKA! I've managed to decipher some of the spells in the book of potions. I hypothesized which ingredients we need, although one wrong ingredient could be most disastrous. I can say with 99.87% certainty that it should produce some interesting results.

Wizards, apprentices, knights, princesses (and dragons—if your cranial circumference allows) grab your hats! The Academy is now open and the Medieval Party has transformed the island. To get started, grab your potion book! Then you'll need to visit different realms and gather ingredients—including ogre snot! Gross? Yes indeed.  But well worth it! Once you have all the necessary ingredients, you can put your wizard skills to the test by mixing potions! All throughout the lands, wizards are taking classes in potion concoction, participating in ogre jousting, and members are practicing their wand technique. You'll need to keep your magic skills sharp. I'll be working hard to get you new spells to test! Good luck!

Wizard Transform!

Astounding transformations have begun! By a wizard apprentice — Fellow wizard apprentices, open your book of potions and begin casting spells! There's a surprise with each turn of the page. I've already spotted a few wizards transforming into white puffle unicorns! Can you believe it? I wonder if they've discovered an ingredient I haven't? I guess I should gather them ASAP. Members, once you make a potion—drink it up! Then, transform into the weird, the wonderful, and the MEGA! Oh, and a word of advice—watch carefully as you mix the ingredients together. An unexpected side effect has some squawking and clucking uncontrollably. Squawking you ask? If you're wizard enough, take a chance—make a mistake. Your spell could turn out to be quite fowl. Don't worry though, drinking an incorrect potion is reversible—I think.

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Medieval Party Are you the friendliest fairy or the ugliest ogre?

Oct. 3 Penguin Style Head to the Clothes Shop for Halloween hairstyles and creepy costumes.

Oct .3 Postcards Why not say hi to a new friend?

Oct. 10—Night of the Living Sled returns!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 2.
Next pin hidden: October  3—16

Newsflash :)

Reports of puffle chicken sightings have been flooding in from all over Club Penguin! Bok Bok!

Ask Wizard Gary :)

Have you seen any princesses in need of rescuing? – Sir Save-A-lot
Valiant young knights, head to the Fairy Glen and the Town.  Based on my observations, these places are prime princess saving locations. But, don't save all the princesses! Only the ones that need rescuing. Rescuing a princess that doesn't need it causes quite an embarrassment .Statistically, only one in three actually need to be set free.
Have you seen any dragons in need of slaying? – Sir Save-A-lot
I spotted a few dragons ordering hot sauce pizza in the Ogre Pizza Den. It is best to stay clear of hot-sauce-eating-dragons—it tends to give them bad breath. I saw some dragons in the Jousting Ring and the Caves...But, none in need of slaying. In fact, I saw a handsome unibrowed dragon rescuing a distressed princess. The dragons I spotted appear to be sweet-tempered and in need of friends! Have you hugged a dragon today?

Great wizards take great risks!

How do I become a great wizard? – May Jick
Wizardry, takes practice and hard work. The most powerful wizards, didn't discover epic spells by sitting in the feast hall. They tested ingredients and took chances with potions! So, don't be afraid to make mistakes and get messy! Indeed, getting messy is part of the fun. A bit of purple goo can be washed off. But, green goo tends to be more difficult, as I have discovered. With all this studying, learning, and mixing of potions, don't forget your safety goggles!And, the final, most important piece to becoming a great wizard: A wizard hat, of course!

Secrets Classified Magic Potions!

Gather ye potion ingredients, and find:

  • The Magic Berry in the Village
  • Fairy Dust in the Fairy Glen
  • Ogre Snot in the Ogre Village
  • The Lucky Horse Shoe at the Jousting Ring
  • The Dragon Scale in the Dragon Caves

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 412 :)

More soon…

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