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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 414 :)

Magical Discoveries Flourish! Chickens Running Amok!

Magical Discoveries Flourish!

Exploring the wonders of wizardry. By Gary — Wizards! You’ve made a myriad of potions. We’re seeing uncountable numbers of ogres, puffle dragons, fairies, and puffle unicorns. Garianna’s recipes are unlocking the secrets of magic, but the most exciting transformations are yet to come!

Before Rockhopper brought me the book of potions, I calculated the chances of seeing a floating puffle dragon at less than .001%. But now I’ve seen that and even more captivating transformations. We are still uncovering more recipes from Garianna’s book and the final one is igniting my imagination! I suspect there are other mysteries hidden within its pages. While I examine the book, I need wizards to get out there and explore. Take notes on which potions are hardest to get exactly right, go and see the Ogre Village while ogre-sized, or investigate the Fairy Glen as one of the tiny fair folk. The party is only on until October 1, so we have just a few days to experience the magic contained in the book. With your help, we’ll soon master all of Garianna’s potions!

Chickens Running Amok!

Pesky visitors flock to Club Penguin By Aunt Arctic — Dear citizens, in addition to the princesses, queens, and knights that have arrived with the Medieval Party, we have some stranger guests as well. Puffle chickens are appearing all over the island, but their numbers are highest near the Wizard Academy. I’m looking into a possible connection here, but there is a more pressing concern. There are reports of puffle chickens obstructing jousts at the Jousting Ring and pecking at leftovers in the Dining Hall. These animals are harmless, of course. Still, I urge you to bring wandering chickens to the Village. Once there, they’ll be cared for properly. This will help us avoid any poultry-related mishaps. I’ve found clucking is the best way to make them follow you, so practice your “bok bok”. Note that chasing the chickens is not recommended! I can tell you from personal experience they are quicker than they appear and more clever than they have any right to be. These wily animals have a certain charm, but we have to be careful they don’t endanger themselves or us by overwhelming the island. The weak Villager - Once Upon a Medieval Time :)

Upcoming Events :)

Oct. 3 Penguin Style Head to the Clothes Shop for Halloween hairstyles and creepy costumes.

Oct. 10 Furniture Catalog Deck out your igloo like a haunted mansion!

Oct. 10 Stage Witness the return of the revenge of the Night Of The Living Sled! Live!

Oct. 3—Pick up new Puffle foods at the Pizza Shop!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 2.
Next pin hidden: October 3–16

Newsflash :)

I’ve discovered O’berry seeds with unique properties. If you see PH, please tell her I’m looking for her.  –Gary

Ask Wizard Gary :)

Have you seen my castle? – Ivana B. Royal
I don’t believe so, but how did you lose a castle? It is highly unlikely your castle can move on its own.

Should I have cake or pie for breakfast? – Ivana B. Royal
First, consider your daily activities. Then compare the energy required to the energy content of both the cake and the pie. Try to match them up as closely as possible. If you can’t determine these values, eat the one with the most raspberry. I theorize that raspberry is a superior berry! Mmm!

Should I wear the blue or pink gown? – Ivana B. Royal
When wearing a colored gown, you should endeavor to align your accessories on a spectrum. This creates a chromatic compatibility that is likely to give you the best results. In other words, a blue gown goes with blue shoes. In conclusion: look at your wardrobe to see what you have, and try to make a matching outfit. The result will be empirically fashionable.

Breathing fire, flying, hoards of gold!

What’s so great about being a giant dragon? – Skale E. Hyde
Gadzooks! What isn’t great about being a giant dragon? Their anatomy is astounding, their scales are as hard as any knight’s armor, and they can fly majestically through the air. But not even those compare to their unique ability to breathe fire! The workings of this explosive talent are not well-understood, so I’m keen to experiment with it once I can! Some people question the Theory of Draconic Awesomeness based on the grounds that dragons can be greedy or mean, especially as they get older. But the ones at this year’s Medieval Party are nothing like that. I expect only the finest manners from our dragons, so I encourage you to witness their impressive might in person.  Don’t forget, even if they only have three foreclaws, they will happily give you a high five! Ultimate Mega Dragon Sneak Peek Animations :)

Secrets Classified Potent Potion Combinations!

Member wizards can transform and get magical abilities, PLUS they can combine them as well! Take any shape-changing potions (like a potion of White Puffle Unicorn) before taking a potion that gives you an ability like Fleet. How to mix Potion ingredients in Medieval mini Game :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-09-2126 - Copy

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