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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lifeguard Station - Saraapril Games :)

Spot the Difference: Today I’m working at the Lifeguard Station at the Cove…

…on this Picture three things are different can you find them?

…Leave your answer as a comment and I will post them Tomorrow :)

Saraapril Games :)


Luke2345 said...

The First Aid Kit doesn't have a cross, a nail is missing from the second board,and the life guard chair is missing a wood line. :)

Anonymous said...

On the safety kit the red cross is missing, on the brown wooden boards the screw is missing, and on the lifeguard chair the one black stripe is missing. :)

Anonymous said...

Wood ,box and chair

Kendall A423 said...

Hi saraapril!
I found the three differences!
1. The first aid kit is missing the plus sign in the 2nd picture.
2. Lifeguard chair is missing a line in the second picture.
3. The 2nd piece of wood in the snow is missing a bolt in the 2nd picture.
Thanks Saraapirl!
-Kendall A423

Savanna789 said...

The red cross on the first aid kit is missing, one of the nails on the boards is missing, and one of the lines on the lifeguard chair is missing. :)

Anonymous said...

A nail is missing
so is the plus sighn on the lunchbox
and so is a stripe on the chair


bigpboy said...

1. Left line on the lifeguard chair, above the binoculars.
2. Cross on the first aid kit.
3. Bottom-left nail on the middle board.

Anonymous said...

1.cross on the first add kit 2.nail on the board
3.line on the lifeguard chair

Gman72001 said...

1: A nail on the second wood plank.
2: The red thing on the First Aid kit.
3: I cannot find the 3rd one. I swear I've looked EVERYWHERE! I spent over 30 minutes looking!

Odis10cp said...

Missing a line in the lifeguard chair.
A nail in the wood.
The symbol of the first aid box.

Anonymous said...

Hi Saraapril!
One of the bolts in the planks is gone, the cross on the first aid kit is gone, and one of the line in the lifeguard chair is missing! -Nicolet22117

Waddles26813 said...

The bolt on the middle board on the path, the cross on the first aid kid, and a complete 3rd line on the lifeguard chair back are gone from picture two!

- waddles26813

Flre Queen said...

1. Nail is missing on boardwalk
2. Red Cross sign missing on first-aid kit
3. Line missing on lifeguard chair


Anonymous said...

1. The cross from the aid kit is gone.
2. The fourth nail from the left on the wooden plank is missing.
3. The third line from the right on the lifeguard chair has been removed.
Thanks :-)

K said...

1. Lifeguard chair
2. The wooden floor
3. The first aid box

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