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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Medieval Party 2013 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

The Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 is HERE :) On this post you will find links to ALL the secrets and FREE items during this Party :) We can meet Gary the Gadget Guy and make Potions that will transform us into Dragons and More! This Party with cute Unicorn Puffles, Fairies and Princesses will be EPIC! Knights are welcome to join the Party too…LOL :) Time to find and mix ingredients to unlock magical items :) ATTENTION! Right now there is a BUG that makes it impossible to login to the English, Spanish, French and Portuguese Servers BUT I have no problem to login to the German Servers :)

UPDATE: I can login to the English Servers with my Non Member Penguin BUT NOT with my Member Penguin!

…HURRAY! FINALLY I can login to Club Penguin in English Servers with my Member Penguin Saraapril too:)

…Greetings wizard Saraapril, Rockhopper has discover a book of potions! Come back each day to help me create a new spell. Click on arrow…

Club-Penguin- 2013-09-1337 - Copy

…According to my calculations, one incorrect ingredient could be disastrous! Take the book with you to find potion ingredients. OK :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-09-1338 - Copy

…Thanks for the Magic Book Uncle Gary :) I think it’s AWESOME FUN that ALL Penguins can get it :)

Ye Old Magical Map Collect the magical ingredients to create the potions :) You will need to find the Magic Berry, Fairy Dust, Ogre Snot, Lucky Horse Shoe and Dragon Scale…

…Picking up Magic Berry at the Dock :)

…Fairy Dust Next…

…Found it here at the Snow Forts :)

…Ogre Snot…EWWW…LOL :)

…Here it is :)

…Lucky Horse Shoe…

…Looks around at the Stadium…there it is :)

…And now Dragon Scale…

…Found it here at the Forest :)

…Mix the ingredients to unlock magical items. Come back each day to create a new potion. Complete all potions to earn the ultimate wizard prize. Potion Of White Puffle Unicorn: Recipe…Graceful, enchanted and small Some say it’s kindest of them all.  Click on Create Potion…

...How to Mix the ingredients? Bounce the right ingredients to the caldron, let the once you don’t need fall down! WARNING! Make sure that you get the ingredients into the caldron in the correct order OR…


…GADZOOKS! Something has gone terribly wrong. It appears you have turned yourself into a puffle chicken! OK…(ONLY Members will turn into a Puffle Chicken)

...Non Members will get this message: Gadzooks! Something has gone terrible wrong! Try again to correct the potion.

…I’m a Puffle Chicken! This is NOT GOOD! WAIT! I LIKE the Puffle Chickens! This is GREAT…LOL :)

…BOTH the wave and dance Action moves are the same for the Chicken Puffle that is a BUG and NOT GOOD!

…Time to Reverse the Spell and try again :)

…Success! You successfully formulated the potion! Use it to transform into a white puffle unicorn and begin an enchanted adventure! OK :) How to mix Potion ingredients in Medieval mini Game VIDEO :)

…Non Members will get this Message: You successfully formulated the Potion. Make all ten to earn a Wizard Hat.

…Members can now Click on Transform…

...Non members will get this Membership Ad if they try to Transform! Potion transformations requires (Spelling BUG! It should be require) a paid membership. Members can:

  • Use magical potions to transform
  • Grow ogre-sized
  • Shrink into a fairy
  • Become puffle dragons and puffle unicorns

...LOOK! I’m a Puffle Unicorn :)

…This is how my Player Card looks like now :) Reverse the spell? No Thanks not yet :)

…Next Potion “Potion Of Ogre Size” will be available September 20, 2013 :)

…This Book belongs to: Garianna Mix the potions one, two, three but a secret ingredient is the key pixie dust? A dragon’s scale? Or something funny, if you fail. The secret ingredient is…

…THANKS Club Penguin for making this SUPER FUN Medieval Party :) I LOVE IT!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Saraapril, what server are you on! I want to meet you! Im bennettfam01 :3

Peppy32e said...

I hadn't met Gary before, but when I logged on and it put me in the school I got the stamp for meeting Gary! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the party too. :) I also turned myself into a puffle chicken!

rainbownight said...

tthanks for a good website LOVE IT (keeping it as a shortcut:D) LOVE THE WEBSITE
keep up the good work BYE

popgirl43 said...

What about the Fall Fair my fave party

Unknown said...

what is the secret ingriedent?

maddado said...

what the secret ingredient ?

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