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Friday, September 20, 2013

Medieval Party 2013 Tour Guide Club Penguin :)

Ye Welcome to the Grand Tour of the Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 :) To start the Guided Tour click on Go There…

…Hi there :) I’m the Tour Guide Fairy so fly with me and I will show you all the Party rooms :) Here you can enter the Wizard Academy, Play a game of Cart Surfer or gather your wizard friends for a potion competition!

…This is the Wizardly School of Wizards. Take a magic class, practice potion mixing or turn your teacher into a frog that happened to me once, but now I'm okay Ribbet! LOL :) Have FUN in School and don’t be a Chicken…How to mix Potion ingredients in Medieval mini Game VIDEO :)

…This is the Wizard Library Learn the ways of wizardry. Study the history of potions or cast a magical spell…

…Here we are at Ye Jousting Ring where many tournaments are played. Gather thy buddies and start a game! Or cheer for thy favorite jouster!

…This foreboding place is the Dragon Caves. Here ye can hoard thy treasure just be sure to watch for lava!

…Welcome to the Dining Hall Feast with friends. Hail to the king and queen or toast the wizards!

…This unwelcoming place is the Ogre Village Where giant ogres fish the ogre swamp or enjoy an ogre snot pizza! Ewwwww…

…Here at the Ogre Pizza Den the daily specials are sock of stink pizza and fur of wet dog soda Delish! Again…Ewwwww…LOL :)

…This be the Fairy Glen Where tiny fairies enjoy a cup of tea frolic in the garden or swim in the moonlight. I LOVE this place it’s so tiny and Pretty and Sparkly and PINK :)

…Hear ye! Hear ye! This is the Town Square :) Dance the knight away In the Knight Club or shop the Market!

…This is the Knight Club! Princes and Princesses gather ye partners and show off thy royal moves!

…Here is the Royal Lounge :) Play an old melody, share a drink with royalty or play Smoothie Smash or Bean Counters!

…Behold, the Village! Enjoy a bit of fresh bread Take ye puffle to the stable or share fairly fresh fish with a friend! And now let’s fly back to the Fairy land :)

Medieval Safe Chat Messages :) 
Watch out for ogres!
Fare thee well
Good morrow fair maiden
Your majesty
Your highness
Hear ye hear ye
Let us prepare a potion
Let us joust
Here's the magical ingredient we need

Medieval Jokes :)
What do frog princes like to eat with their hamburgers? French flies!
When is a piece of wood like a king? When it's a ruler!
What has six legs, four ears and a shining suit of armor? A prince on horseback!
How can you tell if there's a dragon in your closet? Because the door won't close!
Why was the queen's room flooded? Because she reigned for many years!
What was Camelot? A place where people parked their camels!
What do you call a mosquito in a tin suit? A bite in shining armor!
How do you send a message in the forest? By moss code!
Why were they called the dark ages? Because there were so many knights!

…Thanks everyone for taking this Tour and I wish ye all an Enchanted Day :) If you want to know more about this Party look at this post Medieval Party 2013 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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