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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Black Unicorn Puffle Challenge - Once Upon a Medieval Time :)

Once upon a time a Black Unicorn Puffle lived and his highest wish was to get a friend but for some reason nobody wanted to play with him. He had been in the Village and tried to play with all the Puffle Chickens that lived there but even though he had made up the best game ever and silently sneaked up on the Puffle Chickens and chased them around and around the Village they didn't appreciate his game and an Ogre Girl had come and chased him away.

…At the Fairy Glen he seen Fairies playing on a Waterslide and floating around at the pond while talking. It looked fun and he watched them for a while and then he sneaked up on them and with a high Scream he jumped into the water and started to splash it around. The Black Unicorn Puffle thought it was Fantastically Fun BUT the Fairies just flew away and he was left alone.

…On a tree stump he saw an interesting glowing bag and curious he went to investigate it but before he came close to the mysterious bag he saw a HUMONGOUS BIG Fairy and he got terrified and run the fastest he could away from the Glen! He run and run and…

…run right into big rock wall and several stones got lose and fell down on him and the Black Unicorn Puffle Started to cry. Hi there someone said and behind a pile of gold and jewels a White Unicorn Puffle jumped out and asked are you hurt?

…The Black Unicorn Puffle wasn't and immediately he attacked the White Unicorn Puffle with his spiraling horn to show how fun he was. What’s wrong with you said the White Unicorn Puffle while taking a quick step to the side and the Black Unicorn Puffle missed and run right into a pile of Gold so the coins and jewels flew all around and the White Unicorn Puffle started to laugh. You look silly said the White Unicorn Puffle and the Black Unicorn Puffle felt a little dumb so he started to brag. I’m the BEST and FASTEST and Smartest Black Unicorn Puffle EVER and I will challenge you in a race Ready, Set, GO! Without waiting for an answer the Black Unicorn Puffle run as fast as he could but…

…the White Unicorn Puffle raced way faster and came first to the Ye Jousting Ring. I won said the White Unicorn Puffle and smiled kindly :) No you didn't said the Black Unicorn Puffle grumpily I let you win! (That was not true at all but the Black Unicorn Puffles was too proud and self-absorbed to gracefully congrats the White Unicorn Puffle of her fair win)

…Good Game anyway said the White Unicorn Puffle and smiled :) The Black Unicorn Puffle ignored her and started to look around the Ye Jousting Ring. He thought that it must be something in here that he could beat the White Unicorn Puffle in so they could be friends and there over the Ye Smithy sign he saw a horseshoe and he got an idea. I’m the BEST snowball thrower in the kingdom bragged the Black Unicorn Puffle and with one snowball I can get that horseshoe down. Go ahead said the White Unicorn Puffle and sat down to watch. The Black Unicorn Puffle threw his best shot and missed! Good try now it’s my turn to try said the White Unicorn Puffle :) No it isn't answered the Black Unicorn Puffle I AM the BEST and I will get the horseshoe down! Okay try again said the White Unicorn Puffle and so he did! He tried again and again and every time he missed he came with a lame excuse and every time the White Unicorn Puffle answered with encouragement.

…After hours and hours of trying without manage to get the horseshoe down the Black Unicorn Puffle stated that this is impossible and gave up and said to the White Unicorn Puffle now you can try. The White Unicorn Puffle threw one snowball and the horseshoe fell down. HURRAY! Yelled the Black Unicorn Puffle I GOT IT DOWN! Without all my snowball throwing around the horseshoe the horseshoe would never fallen down. I’m the BEST!!

…The Black Unicorn Puffle proudly waited to hear the White Unicorn Puffle telling him how Fantastic he was but she didn't. Instead she picked up the horseshoe with her spiraling horn and said let’s see how many times we can throw this horseshoe back and forth without any of us dropping it and so they did. The first time they could keep the horseshoe in the air five times and the next time they tried 33 times and then 47 times and they had so much FUN playing TOGETHER :)

…And then they lived Happily ever after :) OR…

The Old Ogre Dragon - Once Upon a Medieval Time :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice story. :)

Ponywell 222 said...

That was funny :)
I liked the black puffle; he sounded like my little sister lol

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