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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Wish - Once Upon a Medieval Time :)

Once Upon a time a BIG Ultimate Mega Dragon landed on the roof in a Village and scared a lot of Chicken Puffles and an Ogre Girl half to death! But the Ultimate Mega Dragon didn't want to harm anyone it was just tired and it slowly flew down to the ground and lowered its head to show a submissive attitude to the defensive Ogre Girl that was trying to get rid of it. When the Ogre Girl saw that Ultimate Mega Dragon was not only tired but also hurt she took pity on it, cleaned and dressed its wound and gave it food to eat and showed it a place where it could sleep. That night all the Chicken Puffle slept inside her house just to be on the safe side. The next morning the Ogre Girl woke up of the loud noises of Chicken Puffles and she rushed out terrified of what she would see but to her relief the Chicken Puffles were all unharmed and loudly cheering for the Ultimate Mega Dragon that entertained them with a dance :)

...It didn't take long for the Ultimate Mega Dragon to fit in at the Village everyday it helped the Ogre Girl to tend to the Chicken Puffles and to her daily chores at the Vegetable Garden and on the Fields. And every day after supper the Ultimate Mega Dragon danced for them. The Ogre Girl and Chicken Puffles were so HAPPY to have the Ultimate Mega Dragon around but the Ogre Girl noticed that the Ultimate Mega Dragon sometimes looked sad and she wished that she could do something to help but as she didn't know how to help she gave the Ultimate Mega Dragon an extra Carrot and patted it on its head and that seemed to make the Ultimate Mega Dragon happier :)

…While working the Ogre Girl often talked mostly to herself about how she wished that she could afford to go to the Wizard School she had heard rumors about and there she would study hard and learn how to undo the Chicken Puffle spell so they could become Villagers again :) But as she didn't even own one single coin she pushed away that dream and kept working and so went the days by one by one.

…One morning when the Ogre Girl and Chicken Puffles woke up the Ultimate Mega Dragon was gone and on the ground was a map drawn and beside it laid the Red Shovel the Ogre Girl once got from a Fairy! As soon as the Ogre Girl had cared for the Chicken Puffles she picked up the Red Shovel and went to the X-mark on the map. The place had a hot lave stream and was filled with hard rocks and stones. There she met a friendly White Unicorn Puffle that encouraged her to start to dig and so she did and immediately she dug up several coins and the more she dug the more gold coins and jewels came up from the ground :) She tried another spot and she found Treasures there too and then she tried another spot and another… HURRAY shouted the Ogre Girl now I can afford to go to Wizard School :) She started to stuff her pockets with gold coins and jewels when a LOAD ROAR scared her!

…RUN! RUN for your Life the Ogre Girl Panicky screamed to the White Unicorn Puffle and so they did! Wait for me the White Unicorn Puffle begged I can’t run as fast as you! The Ogre Girl stopped turned around and quickly picked up the White Unicorn Puffle and then she RUN!!! When they were in safety she realized that she had dropped the Red Shovel and that all the Treasures had fallen out of her pockets while running but she didn't care! No Treasure in the world is worth to lose our life for she said to the White Unicorn Puffle and then she smiled a little smile and said I guess my Neighbors and Friends have to keep live their lives as Chicken Puffles. Don’t give up yet said the White Unicorn Puffle and wiggled its left ear and from there a jewel fell out! Please take this jewel as a Thanks for helping me escape from that Loud Roaring Beast and use it to pay for Wizard School so you can help the Villagers :) The Ogre Girl got happy tears in her eyes and after Thanked and said Goodbye to the White Unicorn Puffle she hurried into the Wizard Academy :)

…There she met a Whimsy Wizard that gladly offered to teach her all he knew about how to undo Chicken Puffle Spells in exchange for the jewel and as she was a quick learner and an attentive student and used to make food and mix ingredients it didn't took long at all for her to learn how to correctly mix the reverse Potion :) And then…

…she left the Wizard School to head home :) As soon as she is coming back to the Village she will let the Chicken Puffles drink of the Potion and turn them all back into Villagers again :)

…and then they will live Happily ever after :) OR…

The Black Unicorn Puffle Challenge - Once Upon a Medieval Time :)

Saraapril’s Stories and Adventures :)

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Amazing stories! Hope u write soon! :D

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