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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Earlier this week the Global Citizenship page changed: The $8.5 million got updated to $10 million :) This picture with HAPPY Penguins that work TOGETHER in the Community Garden to make our world to a better place doesn't exist in  Club Penguin anymore as our Community Garden is destroyed! SAD!!!

…And now Today! The Ninja Meeting stamp has a Bug and right now it can’t be earned BUG!

…The Construction stamp can be earned in The Beach, Cove, The Dock, Forest or School! And These rooms has got some Halloween 2013 decorations! Halloween 2013 Club Penguin Construction! Oops! Club Penguin removed all the Ads on the Home Page…Clicks on LIKE this BUG…LOL :) UPDATE: The Ad Bug is now Fixed!

…An ad is added: Decorate the creepiest igloo…if you dare! Check the NEW Catalog!

…The Furniture Catalog has been updated: Oct. 17-Oct. 31 changed to Oct. 17 to Oct 31. But if one Oct has a dot after the other should have too! I think they put the dot on the wrong spot…BUG!

…The item Mysterious Mist has been renamed to Misterious Mist!

…The secret hidden items The Spooky Surprise, The Laughing Lantern and The Glowing Grin are quickly changing between two images…BUG! Here is a slowed down Animation of this VERY ANNOYING BUG!

…Ghastly Window has been renamed to Gastly Window!

…If you try to play Card-Jitsu Snow or Challenge Tusk…

…you will get a White screen Bug and you have to Log off! UPDATE: The Bug has now been fixed :)

…A New Message sign in shape of an empty Vault has been added and it reminds me of PSA Missions :) If you try to buy something BUT don’t have enough coins and don’t own a Puffle you will get this message: :) Uh-o! You’ll need more coins to get this item. Earn more coins by Playing games Click on Go There!…

…and the Games Map will be opened :)

…If you own a Puffle the message will look like this instead :) If you click on “Walking your Puffle, Go There!” you will be teleported to your Igloo :)

…Here is another Message: Uh-o! You’ll need more coins to send this postcard. Earn more coins by Playing Games or Walking your Puffle! Click on Go There! If you click on No Thanks you just close the Message :)

…The 8-Legged Monstrosity Costume is an Unlockable item!

…The Spy Drills Games are Back again in the EPF Command Room :)

Tour Guide update at the Plaza: This is the Plaza! Check out the frightening play Night of the Living Sled Live! or adopt your perfect puffle at the Pet Shop. Then take them to the Puffle Hotel it's a great place to exercise and relax!

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

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Anonymous said...

Saraapril you put dock instead of doc.

Dasiy 7654

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