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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 415 :)

Puffle Snack Station Launched! Rookie Running Halloween! 

Puffle Snack Station Launched!

A happy puffle and his owner at the new station By PH — G’day mates! Allow me to introduce the new Puffle Snack Stations. After spending so much time training and raising puffles, I found a special mix that will satisfy your puffle like nothing else!

Sure, your blue puffle will always love a pretzel, and your red puffle will eat a barrel full of stinky cheese—but there is something even better. Once they eat these new snacks, wow do they have energy! This purple puffle took off like a corker and nearly pulled up the floors with its whirlwind! I spoke to Gary about how we could get this to as many puffle owners as possible. The clever bloke whipped up the Snack Station! Now you’re able to get a deep-dish pie just for puffles in the Pizza Parlor. The deluxe pizza will fill’em right up without making them tired at all, I guarantee. Now, I’ve got some mystery O’berry seeds that need looking after, so I’m leaving the rest of my recipes with Gary. I’ll be sure to write in with any news as soon I know more about the seeds. Puffle Snack Station ANIMATED :)

Rookie Running Halloween! 

Get your costumes ready! By Rookie — Do you know who’s getting the island ready for Halloween? This guy! That’s right, with Gary taking a break, I get to make this the most scare-tacular, candy-rific Halloween Party EVER!!! Oh man, I can’t wait for what I’m planning. Next time, I should keep it as a surprise for myself too. There’s gonna be wild costumes and trick-or-treating all over the island. I love dropping by to see what candy my friends have. And on Halloween, no one gets mad at me for it! I want lots of candy to give away (and to EAT), so I gotta make sure we have enough to last the whole party. It would be so embarrassing if we ran out. So, I got this catalog of Spectral Sweets and they have everything we need, plus loads of candies I’ve never heard of before. It’s going to be a hoot! Get it? Because owls? Looking forward to dressing up and trick-or-treating with everyone! YAY!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Furniture Catalog Get ready for trick-or-treaters to visit your igloo.

Oct. 10 Stage Frightening favorite Night of the Living Sled Live! comes to the Stage.

Oct. 17 Halloween Party The spookiest party of the year is on its way.

On now—Halloween costumes are in at the Clothes Shop!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 16.
Next pin hidden: October 17–31

Newsflash :)

Zounds, all that wizardry wore me out. Take care while I go to the lab and recuperate.  –Gary

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

How do I become a reporter? – Nuse Phan
I’m delighted you’re interested in journalism. I’m always happy to discuss being a reporter with budding writers. First and foremost, you need to be curious. A good reporter wants to know what is happening around them and why. You should get out there and ask questions. Talk to your friends about what’s happening on the island. Ask the questions your community wants answered. Maybe it’s who the best cart surfer is, maybe it’s how to tip the iceberg. Once you get a feel for the ‘pulse’, you’ll have to start digging. Find out everything you can about your story. As a reporter, you should also know your way around, so take a tour from one of the guides. You’ll learn lots of useful facts about the island, and they may give you just the clue you need. And if you have any hunches you wish to share, please send them along to the Club Penguin Times. Good luck, newshounds!

Be original, be fun, be spooky!

What costume should I wear? – Notting Twere
Well, you never know what this year’s most popular costume is going to be. I suggest you strike out on your own and give your costume a new twist. The classics are a great place to start: Frankenstein’s monster, a vampire, or a fairy. Why not make sure your monster is dressed their best in formal wear? Or make-believe as a vampire ready for the big ball game? Perhaps you should haunt the streets as a swamp ghost? It’s quite fun to take a costume idea and make it specific. You won’t be just any werewolf out there, you’ll be a ninja-fairy-pirate-werewolf. So have fun playing with your costume collection and celebrating your creation with your friends. Happy trick-or-treating!

Secrets Classified Catalog Surprises!

Like most things on the island, the Penguin Style catalog is more than it appears. Each month, the new catalog arrives with clothes and backgrounds to buy. But, did you ever notice those big illustrations of models wearing the new clothes? If you search them carefully, you might just find even more to wear. In every catalog, you can find hidden items. Click on the right spot and you’ll be able to buy them!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 414 :)

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