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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 416 :)

Halloween Party Time! A Classic Masterpiece!

Halloween Party Time!

Who doesn't love candy?! By Rookie — It’s almost Halloween! I can finally share some of the surprises I have, like the special candy-filled jack-o'-lantern!

The Halloween decorators are gonna do an amazing job. I’ve seen their plans and you’re gonna jump out of your ghost costume when you see how spooky the island looks. I asked for a quote (just like a real reporter!), and the lead decorator said, “Rookie, please don’t touch anything.” See! It must be scary if I can’t even get near it. They also asked me not to talk about the Graveyard going in or the scary remodel for the Dance Club. I can tell you that Halloween Lane is going to be a great place to trick-or-treat. It’ll be filled with these jack-o'-lanterns that dispense candy! Make sure to decorate if you want to host folks for Halloween! I even got some extra jack-o'-lanterns with my order, so we can put them in our igloos. If you do, you'll have trick-or-treaters haunting in hordes!

A Classic Masterpiece!

The unrelenting Living Sled chases the heroes By Dot the Disguise Gal — Since its first showing in 2007, Night of the Living Sled has been a favorite at Halloween. But it’s more than just a scary movie. If you haven’t seen it, a mad scientist brings a toboggan to life on a stormy night. The creature escapes its bonds and chases after innocent bystanders. No matter what they try, they are never able to outrun the ominous sled. The impact of this film can’t be ignored. Gary the Gadget Guy is the resident sled-head (the name for fans of the movie). He says, “Night of the Living Sled is spectacularly awesome. The best snowtop chase scene ever filmed!” If you, like me, are dying to watch the show, check out the Lighthouse from Oct. 17–Oct. 31. It's sure to sleigh you!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Night of the Living Sled Live! … A Halloween treat at the theater

Oct. 17 Halloween Party It's almost here! Scared yet?

Oct. 24 8th Anniversary 8 years of flipper-flapping good times

Igloo Furniture—perfect for your haunted igloo!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 16.
Next pin hidden: October 17–31


Spectral Sweets warehouse abandoned—who is making this candy?

Ask Rookie!

How do I get my igloo ready for Halloween? – Keane R.
Way to get started early! Having a snazzy igloo for your trick-or-treaters is the first step. You can try to make a haunted house, complete with places to jump out! Or maybe a ball-pit of nothing but candy is your style. For members who want to give out candy, make sure you pick up one of the special jack-o'-lanterns. It’ll make your igloo easy to find for all those trick-or-treaters!

What candies do you like?–Candi Connoisseure
WOW! What an awesome question! No wonder people like working at the paper. There aren’t many candies I don’t like. Ever had fish pops? They’re the best thing since jam and pizza sandwiches. Spicy squid jelly beans? Love’em! I sure hope I find a new favorite when the candies arrive. If you see me, tell me what you like best!

Send in the Clowns!

What is the scariest costume you've ever seen? – Redd Knose
There are a lot scary costumes at Halloween, but the scariest one I ever saw was a clown at the Fair. I’d take a zombie or a witch instead of a clown any day. That bright red nose,  wild hair, and patterned onesie. What kind of person dresses up like that? Yikes! The worst is the juggling. I still get nightmares about juggling anvils, those things are SUPER heavy! I also think zombie giraffe costumes, a mustached vampire merman, and under-werewolf ballerinas are pretty scary. But, I’ve never even seen any of those, so I think I’m okay. I hope I don’t see any clowns out there this year. GULP!

Secrets Classified The Show Must Go On!

By Dot the Disguise Gal

I love dressing up and taking on new roles at the Stage, so I thought I’d share my tips for putting on a good show:

  • Casting—Get together with some friends and choose which character you want to play. They are all in the script. Maybe someone wants to try directing?
  • Props—Check the Costume Trunk. You can use those costumes or add to them from your own wardrobe.
  • Rehearse—Look over your first lines, find your place, and get ready.
  • Perform—It’s show time! Listen to the director, say your lines, and amaze the audience!

Break a leg out there!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 415 :)

More soon…

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