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Sunday, October 13, 2013

FUN with Friends Medieval Party 2013 :)

Here are a FEW Pictures of SOME of ALL THE FUN I had TOGETHER with Friends during the AWESOME Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 :) Supergrundig and I had so much FUN talking while enjoying the beautiful scenery at the Fairy Glen :)

…Tubbi3 and I LOVE this Enchanted Medieval Party :)

…Tea Time :)

…Oops! That wasn't Tea that was Puffle Unicorn Potion! Don’t be sad Tubbi3 it’s FUN to be a Puffle Unicorn :)

…Tubbi3 drinks of the Potion too and…

…Then we went to search for Food! We found BOTH Ice cream and Pizza :) Yummy!

…Oops! We are CHICKEN PUFFLES! We must have done something wrong while mixing the Potion…LOL :) Let’s have a Puffle Chicken Race five laps around the Arena! Ready Set GO!

…Vindore is a GREAT Wizard and on our Adventure around Medieval Club Penguin he taught me how to Fly AND we found GOLD!

…When Wizard Vindore changed Hat I got turned into a Puffle Unicorn :)

…Pardon me! But Ogres don’t have good table manners…maybe you can fix that with a spell? LOL :)

…HURRAY! I’m not an Ogre anymore BUT YOU are…LOL :)

…I LOVE the cute Fairy houses they are so Pretty and so PERFECT for Fairies :)

…Here we are ready to explore Vindore’s Igloo :) Be careful while crossing that Rainbow Bridge so it doesn’t break now wen you are OGRE sized…LOL :)

…When I first met Dongwa1234 I got SCARED! BUT very soon I learned that Dongwa1234 is a very kind Dragon so there was no need to be afraid and we had so much FUN talking TOGETHER  :)

…Star Gazer14, Pinkyflop432 and I had so much FUN playing TOGETHER as Fairies BUT Numba03 was so sad as she didn't know how to become one! We told her how and followed her to the Wizard Academy and then she could have FUN as a Fairy too :) How to make Fairy Potion :)

…Tea Party with my Blue Puffle Dragon :)

...I think Tom Dog 5 got surprised over how curious my Puffles are OR was it the fact that I suddenly turned into a Fairy? LOL :)

…In Tom Dog 5’s Igloo I saw very SCARY Statues! Time for Card-Jitsu :)

…Thanks for your Help Herbert…LOL :)

…We BOTH like Rockhopper and think Cadence is AWESOME at Dancing :)

Ultimate Mega Dragon FUN :)

…The Fairy Glen is a Pretty Place to have a DANCING DRAGONS PARTY :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-09-2361 - Copy

…Dragons like Tea :)

…And so do Fairies :)

…Salinarose1’s Igloo is AWESOMELY decorated with a mix of Old and New items :)

…Holland93733 Puffle with a miner hat has found so much Gold :) THANKS Miner Puffle I’m the ULTIMATE GOLD EATING DRAGON! Nooo!?! You need the Gold to BUY Puffle Food! Sorry…spits out Gold again and hopes to get Fed with O’Berries…LOL :)

…Time for Sommfi’s Birthday Party :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sommfi HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and a Cake :)

…This is how Sommfi’s Stamp Book is decorated :)

…I agree Honeypup34 this is a Happy day!

…And it’s Sommfi’s day so she will decide what we will do :)

…A special written Once Upon a Time Medieval Story for the Birthday Girl :)

Sled Race FUN :) And Sommfi WON!


…One more time…WEEEEE!!!!!



…THANKS for inviting us to your Birthday Party Sommfi :)

…Fairy Time :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-09-2545 - Copy

…The Fairy Waterslide is so Much FUN :)

…This is how Sommfi’s Player Card looks like :)

…Kendall A423 is a BIG and PRETTY OGRE Sized Fairy :)

…FUN with Friends :)

…Then we had a very Yummy Birthday Tea Party with Birthday CAKE :)

…Here we are in Sommfi’s AMAZING Lava Temple Igloo :)

…Then we played TOGETHER in Kendall A423’s Enchanted Igloo :)

…And had LOTS of FUN in Sporty Moi’s cozy Home :)

…In Honeypup34’s Igloo we all enrolled in the Princess Academy and learned how to be the Perfect Princess :)

…THANKS again for inviting us to your Enchanted Birthday Party Sommfi and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with during the Enchanted Medieval Party :) You are ALL AWESOME!

FUN with Friends :)


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the birthday party was alot of fun! :-) Best birthday ever! I'm so glad you came :D

Meh said...

Looks like your birthday party was amazing Sommfi ! Hope you had an awesome time!

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