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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Party 2013 CHEATS Club Penguin!

Halloween is here in Club Penguin and this is indeed a SCARY time that this year includes ZOMBIES! Rookie will be around during this Party too and I look forward to meet him and ask what’s his favorite Candy :) On this post you will find links that will Guide you to ALL the FREE items, Spooky Secrets and Hidden Surprises! By the Way when we are talking about Candy remember to look at the Party Igloo List to find Penguins that have decorated their Igloo with the special Jack-O’-Lantern item that will give out Candy! How to Collect Candy? When you login you will get this message from Rookie: Happy Halloween! The island is filled with candy, like bursting. I ordered waaaaay too much! Trick-or-treat on the island or in igloos to get as much as you can…

…Oh, and some candy are cursed…But I don’t think anything bad can happen from a curse, right?

…Click on a Candy Filled Jack-O’-Lantern and then Pick and click on 3 Candies…

…You won 45 candies! Bonus! You found a Fang Fudgie!

Rookie: Yikes! A Fang Fudgie! Those will turn you into a vampire if you eat them! That’s way too scary. I’ll just drop this in your candy bag so nothing spooky happens. If you wait a little you can soon Pick up more Candy from the Jack-O’-Lantern…

Rookie: Yuck! A Zombie Zinger! Eating that would make you a zombie! Let’s put it in your candy bag so that no one ends up as a gross zombie.

…If you are in a Hurry you can Visit a new area to find more treat-filled pumpkins…I will try that!

Rookie: Whoa! You found a Full-Moon Fireball, Be careful! They’ll turn you into a howling wolf if you eat them! I’ll put that in your candy bag for safekeeping until we can figure out a way to get rid of them.

Item for EVERYONE: Keep collecting Candy until you have Collect all 9 types of cursed Candies to earn a prize! Rookie: Woo hoo! You got all nine of the cursed candies. Take your prize! These neat hats are totally not cursed… I think. Click on Claim…Wrapper Head item has been added to your inventory!

…Now Members can use the cursed Candies to Transform!

Full-Moon Fireballs: Changes you into a werewolf. Press”d” to howl at the moon. And press”w” to make an action move (there are three different)

Fang Fudgies: Turns you into a vampire! Press “d” to turn into a swarm of bats. (Puffle Bat) And press”w” to make an action move (there are three different)

Zombie Zingers: Turn you into a zombie! Press “d” to make spirits erupt of the earth. And press”w” to make an action move (there are three different)

...If a Non member tries to use a cursed Candy they will get this Ad Message: Using cursed candies to transform requires a paid membership! Members can:

  • Become Vampires, Werewolves, or Zombies
  • Use special actions like howling or turn into bats

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