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Friday, November 1, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 419 :)

Seeds Become Golden O’Berry Bush! Best Buds Interview!

Seeds Become Golden O’Berry Bush!

PH investigating the new gold bush By PH — Fantastic news! The seeds that Gary gave me have grown into a great big gold O’berry bush! What if these O’berries really are connected to the legendary gold puffle?

This gold O’berry bush is the first of its kind, so we have a lot to learn about it. It not only grows like mad, but those gold O’berries are something special. My puffle pals and I were so stoked when I first saw them. They tried to wolf down the whole crop right away, so I had to put the bush in a locked room! Pete, my puffle, ate one, and I could see he wanted to get digging. I took him for a walk and, in a few moments, the little guy pulled up a gold nugget! Now, we've all heard stories of a gold puffle. But I’m wondering how these berries are connected. Is there really a gold puffle out there somewhere? I’ll work on an answer and get back to you all right quick.

Best Buds Interview!

Rookie puts the tough questions to JPG  By Aunt Arctic — Rookie was having such a good time with the recorder I gave him that he asked to do an interview with JPG. Here is how it went: Rookie: Okay, first question. Well, second maybe? I don’t know. Is it the first or second? JPG: That was the second. Rookie: Right, so...third question? What’s your favorite food? JPG: Is this the “really important project” you needed help with? Rookie: Ya! You’re helping me with this interview, buddy! JPG: <sighs> Okay. Hardtack. It packs well. Never goes bad. Rookie: What is that? It sounds really cool. Hmm. What else should I ask? JPG: Your last question... please. Rookie: That’s it! The perfect question: what is the secret fifth class of the EPF? JPG: Stand back, Rookie. Rookie: He flew away! Must’ve had an important mission. This is Rookie signing off. Sign off! Rookie: Hiya JPG! What’s the awesomest thing you’ve done today? I mean other than the regular everyday awesomeness. JPG: Hello Rookie. It’s been busy.

Upcoming Events :)

Nov. 14 Furniture Catalog Bring the rugged wilderness to your igloo

Nov. 14 The Stage Explore King Ra-Ra’s pyramid in Quest for the Golden Puffle

Nov. 7—Rockin’ new hoodies at the Clothes Shop.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 13.
Next pin hidden: November 14–27


Thanks for an unforgettable Halloween! No more over-ordering, I promise! – Rookie

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What were those tremors in the underground? – Ware E. Driller
I investigated the tremors reported last week, and I believe they were caused by the zombies cracking the earth. All that busting ground caused some rumbles in the tunnels underneath the Mine. Workers are investigating now to be sure they’re safe. Our first concern is making sure no one is in danger, and so far it seems okay. The underground of the island is a vast network of caverns and caves. Many of them are still uncharted. That’s why it’s so hard to tell if there has been any real damage or not. I’ll report back as soon as I get more info!

Why are people so excited by the gold puffle stories? –Mr. E. Buster
Hello Mr. Buster. It’s not just the idea of a precious metal puffle that is very intriguing. There are so many stories floating around about gold puffles and we want to figure out the mystery. From the play ‘Quest for the Golden Puffle’ to glimpses during a Medieval Party, the idea has captured our imagination. Was the gold puffle ever real? Do they still exist? Just think of how exciting it would be to discover a puffle from myth!

This mysterious machine has never been turned on.

What’s with the unplugged arcade machine? – Nead Power
This really is a tough question. The arcade machine appeared over two years ago. But why was it put there and never plugged in? And what game does it play? For these questions, I spoke to Gary the Gadget Guy. As I suspected, the machine was one of his projects! In true Gary fashion, he put it together using spare parts from the other arcade machines. He’s still tinkering with it and doesn’t know exactly how it will work. Until we’re sure it’s safe, we’re going to leave it unplugged. What do you think it does? Write in to the paper to let me know!

Secrets Classified Hidden Puffles :)

Did you know there are some puffles hidden around the island? Here are the ones I know about: The Keeper of the Stage will peek out of the sets when a play is in progress. Look for this artistic yellow puffle up near the ceiling. There’s a lively green puffle in the dance floor. It’s always bouncing around on the speaker. He’s the Keeper of the Boiler Room. A serious black puffle sits on the table in the Mine, marking the entrance to Puffle Rescue. And there’s even a puffle named Plok in the Box Dimension, but it’s hard to catch a glimpse of it.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 418 :)

More soon…

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