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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 421 :)

Gold Puffle Discovered!

Gold Puffle Discovered!

The first gold puffles are erupting from the Gold Mine.

By PH — It’s official! Gold puffles are here and members can adopt them! Crikey, this is the biggest discovery since the rainbow puffle! The first gold puffles are erupting from the Gold Mine. Gold Rush!

By PH — Isn’t this wild? We’ve finally tracked down the gold puffles. Finding one isn’t as easy as adopting a puffle from the Pet Shop though. These guys are deep underground, and you’ll need to use the gold jackhammer to get them. Here’s how it’s done:Members—head to the Pet Shop with a puffle and buy them a gold O’berry. Once they’ve had that sparkling snack, take your pet on a walk to find gold nuggets! When you collect 15, go to the newly opened Gold Mine. Use the gold jackhammer to find your gold puffle. It’s been quite the journey finding them, so I hope you enjoy these shiny sidekicks!

Gold Puffle :)

Facts: Roll over nuggets to learn more about gold puffles!

Happiness: Make your puffle happy by playing hide-and-seek, exploring, and treasure hunting.

Personality: Energetic and lucky, this puffle wants to work hard and play hard.

Food: Their favorite food is chocolate coins in gold foil, but they also like hearty foods like pizza.

Toys: Gold puffles love their golden toys and digging. And anything shiny!

Care: Give them a nice bath in gold dust to keep them shiny and clean!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Gold Puffles Members can quest for their own gold puffles!

On now! Furniture Catalog Autumn is here, so bring the outdoors to your igloo!

Dec. 5 Postcards Postcards for the holidays on their way.

On now—Go to the Pet Shop to start your gold puffle quest!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 27.
Next pin hidden: November 28–December 11

Newsflash :)

A stolen coin-operated dial was replaced on the gold O’berry machine. Report any tips to the paper.

Ask P.H. :)

Why isn’t my puffle digging up nuggets? – Doug Nuthin
Sorry to hear you’re not having any luck, Doug. First, make sure your puffle is well-fed, rested, and happy. Puffles are finicky, and sometimes they need their favorite food before they really get digging. Once they’re content, feed them a gold O’berry and go for a walk right after .Stop so your puffle has a chance to hunt for nuggets, and you’re sure to find some!

What should I name my new gold puffle? – Prow Doner
Puffle names can be really tricky. I always write out a few to see how they look before I chose one for a new puffle .Here are some ideas to get you started: Lucky, Midas, Digger, Rush, Nugz... Shinyface? I think our readers probably have some great ideas too. Send in your suggestions for gold puffle names so we can see what you think.

PH working out the natural habits of the gold puffle.

Where were the gold puffles this whole time? - Del Ver
Well the answer to that question is the reason they were so hard to find! Gold puffles spend lotsa time underground, digging and playing around gold. They’ve probably been there for a long time and we rarely saw them. That’s why we thought they were just a myth! Until we learned about the gold in the underground, we never knew where to look. But it’s really bonza that these lil’ beauts were right there underneath us. Their habits are so unusual compared to other puffles!I wonder what other puffles are out there? Where else could we do a walkabout to find new pets? The ocean? The Tallest Mountain? Even outer space?

Secrets Classified Golden Items :)

By PH - Gold puffles are just ace at digging up items. Take them for walks and you’ll find unique gold items. If you see someone out and about sporting a shiny new Goldstache, it’s because they have a happy gold puffle that dug it up for them!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 420 :)

More soon…

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