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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 422 :)

Mind-Controlled Puffles! “Brain Box” Unboxing!

Mind-controlled Puffles!

Shocking news—missing puffles wearing strange devices. By Aunt Arctic — My dear readers, puffles have been going missing all week. But, now we’ve found them and they need our help! Operation Puffle!

An EPF investigation revealed that the missing puffles are under mind control! They are surfacing in the wilds and digging up coins non-stop. They then bring these coins through tunnels to a hidden location. There are so many questions about these bizarre events, but we know that we need to help our pets! PH is familiar with the river and the rugged wilderness, so she is assisting the EPF in bringing the puffles home. Please help by heading to the Outpost behind the Ski Village to start a rescue expedition! Good luck and stay safe!

“Brain Box” unboxing :)

Gary examines a recovered brain box. By Gary the Gadget Guy — Greetings everyone. This horrible gadget I’m calling the “brain box" is responsible for our puffles’ troubles. They make sure the puffle is digging all the time and bringing the coins back to the owner. I’ve disassembled one that was brought in by a brave EPF agent and I’m afraid this tech looks very familiar. But, I won’t let science be used for such nefarious purposes! I theorize that all of the puffles are tuned into one network. If we can disable that network, we can stop this scheme. We’ll need a chip from each color of puffle. Each one uses a slightly different frequency. Inserting them all into the tower will create catastrophic feedback in the network. There is just the question of where that tower is... Please write in if you see where the puffles are bringing the coins. Finding that location is key to our whole plan!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Rescue Puffles! Get on the river at the Outpost to start your expedition

Dec. 5 Postcards Jolly Postcards—just in time for the holidays

Dec. 5 Penguin Style Wintry wonderful clothes coming to the Clothes Shop!

Puffle Hotel upgrade! All three floors!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until November 27.
Next pin hidden: November 28–December 11

Newsflash :)

New additions to the Puffle Hotel! Hair cuts, smoothies, and diving practice will help keep your puffles happy and healthy!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Are gold and rainbow puffles safe? – I. Hart Pets
So far, I haven’t heard of any missing gold or rainbow puffles. These puffles are, fortunately, too hard to reach. Gold puffles spend almost all their time underground, and rainbow puffles live in the sky. Whoever is taking the puffles can’t get to their habitats and so they are thankfully safe for now.

Can I still adopt puffles? – Saif N. Sekure
I’m happy to report there are still puffles of all types available in the Pet Shop. My source in the EPF informs me the Pet Shop is protected due to its central location and top-notch security. Now that the EPF is on full alert, they’ll make sure it stays that way!

Herbert P. Bear prime suspect in the puffle disappearances.

Is Herbert behind this? – Beara Noid
You’re very perceptive, Beara. From the design of the brain boxes to the inconsiderate plan, there is a lot of evidence pointing to Herbert. The EPF is working hard with PH to comb the wilderness for clues. It very well could be that incorrigible bear. As regular concerned citizens, we have to keep an eye out. Should you notice any big footprints, discarded seaweed pizza boxes, or pieces of polar bear fur—make sure you tell the EPF. If this is Herbert’s work, there are still questions about why he is out in the wilderness near a river, since he hates the cold and water. And why might he need all those coins? If you have a theory, please write in to the paper. Together we will figure out his plan.

Secrets Classified Expedition Tips :)

While you’re out rafting the wild river, keep sharp. The EPF deployed searchlights—stand next to them to activate. Look out for puffles or floundering penguins. The Outpost also has a lot of equipment, including an EPF scanner. Poke around for anything you need for your journey. Watch out for the whirlpool in the Rapids! It can suck you in if you’re not careful about where you’re rafting.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 421 :)

More soon…

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Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril! Thruthenite here!
EEP! Herbert's back! We'll show him! :)
Let's rescue all those puffles and foil Herbert's evil plan!
Your pal,

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