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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 424 :)

Puffle Rescued! Deck the Halls!

Puffles Rescued!

Pets happy to be safe at home again! By Aunt Arctic — Great news! All of our puffles have returned from the wilds and are safe and sound. The crisis is over! Welcome Home!

I want to extend a huge thank you to the EPF and the volunteers that ventured into the wilderness to save our puffles. Together, you rescued puffles from their mind-controlled digging and stopped Herbert's horrible plan. It means a great deal to me and all of us on the island! Now is a good time to give your puffles a squeeze. Let them know how appreciated they are. I'm even thinking of adopting another one! I'm glad we were able to help them when they needed it, since the puffles have given us so much joy over the years. Take good care of your puffles and let's all look forward to a happy Holidays and new year!

Deck the Halls!

It's the most wonderful time of the year By Holiday Correspondent — The most jolly time of the year is just around the corner! We're showing a sneak peek of the this season's new furniture items. Starting Dec 12, you'll be able to get all your decorations and holiday cheer! Decking the halls is a wonderful part of the Holidays. The whole island gets bedazzled in lights, ribbons, ornaments, and garlands. It's the perfect atmosphere for caroling or cocoa-ing. Speaking of parties, there will be new decorations for your igloo. You could stuff it to bursting with bright lights and presents, or create a wintry landscape and make snow angels. It's all about getting together with friends and sharing the fun!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Penguin Style Get in the Holiday spirit with new fashions at the Clothes Shop

Dec. 12 Igloo Catalog A new igloo perfect for your Holiday parties!

Dec. 12 Stage A Humbug Holiday grumbles onto the Stage!

Dec. 19—Coins for Change. Save up and donate!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 11.
Next pin hidden: December 12–26

Newsflash :)

River access closed due to safety concerns. Wilderness no longer accessible.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What happened to Herbert?–Bare Lee There
I received reports that Herbert was carried deeper into the wilderness by a herd of angry puffles. It seems they didn't appreciate those brain boxes one bit. The EPF is investigating. I asked PH, our puffle expert, about what they might be up to. She said that the puffles would never put Herbert in any danger, they're far too kind. They might bring him to a remote place where he can't bother anyone, though. The puffles range far and wide on the island, and there are many wild places they can go that we haven't even seen.

Herbert's pile of ill-gotten goods

Where are all of those coins going to go? – Trey Zhur
Where indeed! Herbert forced the puffles to bring up a lot of gold, so I talked to Captain Rockhopper, who knows all about recovering treasure. He decided the best course of action was to bring the coins here and donate them to Coins For Change! With this kick-start to the donations, we're sure to have a stellar year! I then spoke to Gary the Gadget Guy to see how we could transport all the coins. He said he'd get cracking immediately and he'll have an invention ready by Dec 12!

Secrets Classified Party Stamps :)

Did you know that each month, there are special Stamps you can get during parties? There are Stamps for meeting mascots who visit during the party (like Rookie or Rockhopper). To get those you'll need to be in the same room as them. You can also get the Explorer Stamp for going to every room that's been decorated for the party. Sometimes there are other unique Stamps you can earn and show off in your Stamp Book. Why not ask your friends about their collection?

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 423 :)

More soon…


Missygirl156 said...

OMG! On the front cover, there is a warm pink puffle! Maybe they will come to Club Penguin?!

Anonymous said...

you made a small typo at the top of your post. You wrote "puffle rescued" instead of "puffles rescued"

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