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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 425 :)

Herbert Donates Fortune?! Rockhopper to lead Coins for Change :)

Herbert Donates Fortune?!

All those coins won’t move themselves! By Aunt Arctic — It looks like one of Herbert’s schemes will do some good for once! We’re going to put all the coins he took on a train into town, so they can be donated! All Aboard!

I visited Herbert’s old base to speak to Rookie and Gary. They were preparing the train for its first trip. “Gadzooks! I can’t wait to see the locomotive in action, especially for such a good cause,” said the scientist. While he put together the finishing touches, Rookie loaded coins on to the carts. “It’s a lot of work to load coins, but Gary said that if I do it, then I can drive the train!” “All we need to get going is Rockhopper’s shipment of train tracks.” “I don’t know what could go wrong,” Rookie told me. Once Rockhopper brings the tracks, the train can deliver its cargo of coins to town. They’ll need to go full steam ahead to make it on time for the party! Keep an eye out for the train chugging into the station on Dec. 19!

Rockhopper to lead Coins for Change :)

The merry Migrator full of tracks, gifts, and probably stinky cheese.

By Rockhopper — Avast! Coins For Change be on the horizon! If me charts be right, I’ll make landfall at Club Penguin on Dec. 19. Gary be buildin’ a train to haul treasure from that scallywag Herbert’s lair. Haulin’ treasure be work for a ship, says I, but I reckon Gary be knowin’ his business. So, I searched the seas and fought giant shrimp until they begged for mercy. Then I found the perfect train tracks for our celebration! ’Tis a fine thing we do on the Holidays, and I be honored to captain the Coins For Change donations this year. To celebrate, thar be rare treasures in me hold that’ll make ye look like a right jolly pirate! Once I arrive, I’ll be leadin’ a pirate parade to the donation station, and I be hopin’ to see ye all there.

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 19 Rockhopper Arrives Ring in the Holidays with the Captain!

Dec. 19 Coins For Change Start saving up for the donation drive!

Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve! Countdown to 2014!

On now: Furniture Catalog—Build your own train sets!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 26.
Next pin hidden: December 27–January 8

Newsflash :)

I’m afraid I won’t be present at the Holidays this year. I’m taking some time to learn about distant relatives! –Gary

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Where does PH go when she’s away? – Sir Chur
Well, I know the discovery of the gold puffle really energized her. Not long ago, she struck out in search of the next big puffle discovery. She feels that if the gold puffle can live underground for so long, there must be all sorts of puffles still to be found! Last I heard, she was ice climbing on Tallest Mountain. I don’t know what exactly she’s looking for out there, but she is really determined! Her adventures bring her to some really exotic places. It would be so exciting to hear about them! I know PH keeps travel notes when she’s exploring. Perhaps you’d be interested in reading them? Write into the paper to let me know, and I’ll make sure she publishes them.

Puffle Personality Possibilities.

What puffle would you be? What about Rockhopper or Gary or Cadence? – Olive U.
That’s several questions! But I’ll answer them all since they were quite fun to think about. It’s hard to choose a puffle when you like them all so much. But, I think a blue puffle would represent me the best. Rockhopper has such a connection with Yarr, I can’t see him as anything but an adventurous red puffle. The brown puffle is a great match for the lively and brilliant Gary the Gadget Guy. Think of the puffle toys he would invent! Just like her puffle Lolz, Cadence loves to dance, party, and be in the spotlight. I’d put her down as a purple puffle for sure! There are lots more, but I want to know what you think. What puffle would PH be? Or Sensei—imagine those eyebrows on a puffle! Write into the paper with your ideas.

Secrets Classified Treasure Hunt Tips and Secrets :)

By Rockhopper - Yarr! Be ye wantin’ to find some treasure when I make port on Dec. 19? Then ye be wantin’ to swing by the Migrator for a game o’ Treasure Hunt. Here be a secret to make the most of yer search: Thar be sparkles to show ye where the treasure lies. Whenever ye see two side by side, ye can be sure there be somethin’ worth diggin’ for. But if ye get a coin after diggin’ the first, ye might as well move on. There’ll likely not be a gem under the other! Always work together with yer mateys to cover as much ground as ye can!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 424 :)

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