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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 426 :)

Rookie Runs off the Trails! Gary finds Solution for far off coins :)

Rookie Runs off the Trails!

Gary’s designs didn’t account for driving at Rookie-speed.

By Rockhopper — Shiver me timbers! Rookie sent sacks of gold soarin’ with his drivin’. With every corner he sped around, more o’ those glistenin’ coins came spilling out! Time to board your trains, me hearties! Choo! Choo!

Batten the hatches! Hoist’er it is needs hoistin’ on a train. Thar be coins all over the island that need collectin’ for Coins Fer Change! Gather ye mateys and head to the Train Station at the Snow Forts. Ye can start your journey there. Once ye board, collect as much as ye can. Then, haul it to the donation stations at the end of the lines. It be the train engine that controls where the train goes, so step lively if ye be the engineer at the front. Take a lesson from Rookie and don’t let that train get away from ye. Have no fear, we be on course to recover the loot. With all these train crews working hard, we be celebratin’ with a mug o’ cream soda soon!

Gary finds Solution for far off coins :)

A curious application of snowball technology.

By Gary — Salutations! It seems my train had more kinetic kick than it needed! I should have instructed Rookie to take it easier on the throttle, I suppose. Now we have a new problem, and I have created a solution. The Collector Cannon 3000 should be perfect for collecting coins while you’re on board a train. As you speed along, simply aim and fire to collect the scattered coins. This device will give you unparalleled snowball accuracy. I hope that it assists in the clean up operations. Collecting for Coins For Change is an important and noble cause. Now, I must go back to my research. Good luck with your efforts!

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve! Make your resolutions for 2014!

Jan. 16 Furniture Catalog Stylish retro furniture for your igloos

On now: Coins For Change—Join a train to collect coins!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 26.
Next pin hidden: December 27–January 8

Newsflash :)

Happy Holidays! Train tunnels are now available for members’ igloos in the Furniture Catalog!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What do you do around the Holidays? – Vay Kation
Well, Coins For Change is obviously a big part of the Holidays for me. I love seeing everyone in a giving mood, showing their support for the great causes and each other. There are lots of other charming aspects of the season, though. For instance, it is the very best time of year to sit down for a chat over a nice cup of tea. I look forward to learning more about what all of you are up to this winter. And, as the year winds down, I like to think about what the next year will bring. Will there be more secrets revealed? What will be the best parties? What kind of hoodie will be the most popular? No matter what, I’m happy to have another year with all of the wonderful readers of the CP Times!

Comics :)

Dude, what areyou doing?

You are ruininghide and seek

Fa la la la la

Secrets Classified Hitting Targets on the Tracks :)

Want to earn as much as possible for Coins For Change? Here’s how to hit big numbers on your train ride: Shoot at the targets while you ride by. Everything you collect will be donated when you reach the end of the line. Make sure you’re aiming ahead of the targets—you’ll hit a lot more of them. Smaller items like the stockings are harder to hit, but they’re worth big coins if you do!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 425 :)

More soon…

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