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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Operation Puffle Tour Guide :)

HURRY! HURRY!! The Guided Tour of the Operation Puffle Party rooms start NOW :) Here we have the Ski Village Race down the Ski Hill and chill in the Ski Lodge. There's an Everyday Phoning Facility which sure is busy right now. The entrance to the wilderness is in the back head that way to rescue puffles! Puffle Chase mini Game :)

…This outpost is the base camp you can check out the rescue HQ or go on a river expedition just make sure to bring extra snacks!

…This is the rescue headquarters the EPF is hard at work to save puffles feel free to pitch in take radio calls from agents or track puffles on the map…

What do you call a courteous spy? A gent!
What's the stealthiest bug? A spy-der!
Why did the spy show up without his gear? Eavesdropped it!
What's Herbert's favorite piece of furniture? A vege-table!
Where do you find polar bears? It depends on where you lost them!
Why doesn't Herbert have any friends? He's un-bear-able!
What do you call a polar bear with skates? A roller bear
How did the penguins stay safe in the forest? They went in trees!
What's great about camping? It's in-tents!
What flies, bites, and talks in code? A morse-quito!

Safe messages:
Operation Puffle
Save that puffle!
Let's go to the wilderness
Get on the river
Back to Rescue Headquarters!
Watch those rapids!
Stay vigilant agents!
The puffles need us!
The brain box is Herber-tech!
Campfire at the Treehouses

…This is the Boot Camp the EPF set it up so agents can train and get ready to explore You can BBQ some fish or test your skill on the balance beam or climb the wall and hit the bell…

…We're passing by the Lava Cliffs up above is the Fire Dojo these cliffs can be treacherous be careful if you climb It's also a great place to roast marshmallows…

…Next on the river tour is the Puffle Vet station it's here to keep puffles healthy and to help them recover. The vet always needs volunteers to help at the front desk water the O'berry bush or take care of the puffles…

…The majestic Ice Falls the current is strong here so be careful! There are powerful searchlights if you need to find something like a lost sock or a rubber ducky that went downstream!

…This was where Herbert was defeated and the puffles were freed What happened here is top secret but there are rumors that the EPF doesn't know where the puffles took him! How to stop Herbert? EPF Operation Puffle CHEATS :)

…Whoa! Rapids here! There's a whirlpool that sucks you in try to stay together! It can be fun to ride these rapids just call for help if you fall in!

…This is the River Cave look at the unique formations this is a great spot for diving Keep an eye out for puffles lots of them show up here…

…Here are the Treehouses this is a great place to rest after traveling the river all day. There is fish and fire  and the EPF has secured the area with cameras and searchlights…

…I LOVE all the special effects and sounds in the rooms and that’s all for this Tour :) As always during Parties you can earn some of the Party Stamps so if you don’t have them all you can try to do that :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Operation Puffle CHEATS Club Penguin EPF Mission!

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