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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unlock items with Coins for Change :)

Right now we can ALL work TOGETHER in Club Penguin and Donate to Coins for Change and help out in the real world :) When we do so we can also ALL earn virtual items online :) There are 10 projects that  1 million dollar will be used to support and the first project is: Toys and Warm Coats in the US! Help Toys for Tots and One Warm Coat bring fun and warmth to those who need it most.

UPDATE: We have donated 200,000,000 coins TOGETHER and now ALL Penguins can collect the Little Red Wagon :)

…Second Project: Save Penguins Nesting Grounds! Through the Global Penguin Society, you will save nesting grounds for penguins to lay eggs and raise chicks!

UPDATE: TOGETHER we have now raised 300,000,000 coins and we can ALL collect the Penguin Nest Pin :)

…Third Project: School Libraries in Ethiopia and India! You’ll built 10 school libraries through Partners in the Horn of Africa and provide 5 school reading spaces in India. These give children a safe place to learn and access to books.

UPDATE: The Coins Counter is either FAKE or filled with BUGS as inside the game we get one number for virtual donated coins BUT…

…at the same time the amount of virtual donated coins is WAY different at the Disney Club Penguin Home page!

…Anyway The Toy Sack item is now available :)

…Fourth Project: Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey and Andean Cat Habitats! With the help of the Wildlife Conservation Network and Rare, you will preserve the homes of the endangered Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey in Peru and Andean Cats in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

…Habitat Preserver Background is now available :)

…Fifth Project: Help Kids in Hospitals Play You will send 12,500 activity packages to sick kids in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and United States.

UPDATE: December 20, 2013 The Marching Band Drum is now available :)

…Sixth Project: Clean Water Initiative in Ecuador! You will provide clean water to the entire community of San Miguel. With the help of Free the Children, you’re going to make it a healthier place to live.

UPDATE: The Clean Water Pin is now available :)

…Seventh Project: Wildlife Corridor for Snow Leopards and Saiga Antelopes! Through the Wildlife Conservation Network, you will protect a wildlife corridor fore these endangered animals in Uzbekistan and Russia.

UPDATE: December 21, 2013 The Wildlife Corridor Protector Background is now available :)

…Eight Project: New Elementary School and School Kits! Build a whole school in Ethiopia and provide school kits for 2,000 students in the Democratic Republic of Congo! Through imagine and War Child, kids can get an education!

UPDATE: December 23, 2013 Milk and Cookies hand item is now available :)

…Ninth Project: Painted Dog and Lion Habitats in Africa! You will protect the homes of these animals in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. With the help of Wildlife Conservation Network, you’re keeping these remarkable animals safe.

UPDATE: December 26, 2013 The Gold Railroad Piece, Gold Railroad Corner, Gold Railroad Crossing and Gold Railroad Intersection SHOULD be available BUT…

…due to a BUG the CP Team created today they are NOT!  “This item is not currently available” NOT Okay!

…Tenth Project: New Hospital Wing in Malawi! You will help construct a hospital wing for new mothers and their babies through Partners in Health. It will make a huge impact on health in the area.

UPDATE: December 27, 2013 The items Bug is NOT Fixed! BUT we have got another Bug Message: “Sorry, you can only buy this item 99 times.” But, BUt, BUT! I DON’T HAVE THESE ITEMS AT ALL! BUG! BUG!! BUG!!!

UPDATE:The items are now available :)

UPDATE: December 30, 2013 The Sweet Swirl Igloo is now available :)

Coins for Change 2013 Information!

Club Penguin Holiday Party CHEATS 2013 :)

UPDATE: Coins for Change Result 2013 :)


Honeypup34 said...

How do we get those items??? If we're already there then shouldn't we be able to unlock it?

Pugin94 said...

Lol I've donated 30 thousand coins.

Girish2002 said...

I donated more than 100,000 coins

Anonymous said...

We just reached that goal, and are now working towards building an elementary school and sending 2,000 school kits to children.

Noreen said...

This is amazing! I donated over 90,000 coins!

Glenda sos1 said...

Hey Saraapril!I just wanted to tell you that the bug is now fixed!(At least if you select the language Deutsch :S but i now have the railroads :DNow i'm donating to help in the last project !

Anonymous said...

Saraapril there are like three days left and we still haven't hit the last target! Could you write a blog post urging people to donate for the last one?

Anonymous said...

Club Penguin is so sweet to give us those items <3

Anonymous said...

:( i cant get the igloo... i went on vacation somewhere and i cant get it... i so sad.. :(

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