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Thursday, January 3, 2013

What is your Favorite Transformation? Penguin Poll :)

Here is a new Penguin Poll :) What is your favorite transformation?Race Car? Puffle Reindeer? Frost Bite? All of them!

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) You can vote too on YOUR Favorite answer :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Poll :)

The Party Starts Now! Club Penguin Music CD :)

Club Penguin: The Party Starts Now! is a CD with music tunes by DJ Cadence and the Penguin Band that will be available on February 12, 2013 on Barnes & Noble and probably many other places :)

Here are the tracks:

  1. The Party Starts Now
  2. Anchors Aweigh
  3. Ghosts Just Wanna Dance
  4. Cool In The Cold
  5. Puffle Party (Gotta Have A Wingman)
  6. Dubstep Puffle

Puffle Party (Gotta Have A Wingman) has not yet been released as a single :)

Thanks to Superluigi6! and Trainman1405 for this tip :)

Club Penguin Music :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin CD now available to buy online :)

Items in Penguin Style Catalog Sneak Peek :)

Here is a Penguin Style Catalog Sneak Peek from Club Penguin: Here's a sneak peek of some items from the upcoming Penguin Style catalog! (Except for the Keytar and Black Mask...)

Non Members can soon buy items too Penguin Style Catalog Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS January 2013 :)

New Penguin Styles - Reviewed By You :)

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hello Penguins!
Can you believe we actually broke the Coins for Change board?! All thanks to YOUR donations!

In our last Reviewed By You post, we asked which Coins for Change cause you donated to and why. Here’s Hermey12’s answer:
I donated to ALL of them! I feel it's all of our jobs to help the earth, help build safe places, and provide health care for the ill. I can't believe we donated OVER 10 BILLION COINS this year! Wow! That's really a big difference that we made this year! -Hermey12 :)
Yesterday you got a sneak peek at the January Penguin Style catalog. Now we want to know: What new penguin styles would you most like to see this year? Tell us in the comments, and we’ll feature one of your answers. If you’re picked, you’ll receive 10,000 coins!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

I wish for seasonal Costumes like a Soccer Costume and a Flower Costume for Spring :) I would LOVE to have a Sunflower Costume that glows and sparkles when we dance and the Soccer Costume could bounce around while dancing :)

I wish for :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Partysmesh :)

Hi Saraapril, I read your blog, and I like how you describe everything! :) I want to send you a fan art! Penguin Partysmesh! WADDLE ON!

Coins for Change CFC 2012

…THANKS Partysmesh that’s so kind of you :) I LOVE your drawing of me donating to Coins for Change :)

THANKS Partysmesh from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Bluey10132 :)

Happy New Year Saraapril from Bluey10132


…THANKS Bluey10132 :) HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too :)THANKS Bluey10132 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

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