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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prehistoric Party - Reviewed By You :)

This is a message from Polo Field :)

Hey Penguins!
The Prehistoric Party is ON! Have you stomped through Prehistoric Club Penguin yet?

Last week, we were wondering which time you’d travel back to if you could take the Time Trekker anywhere. Check out94beaker64’s answer:
I would probably go back in time to see what my parents were like when they were my age! Or maybe my grandparents! Way back in the olden times! Hee hee! I think that would be cool!
That would be cool! Thanks to everyone for your fun and creative answers.
So now that the party's up, what's your favorite part? Hunting for dino eggs? The room art? Special dino moves? Leave a comment below to tell us what you're digging most! We’ll pick a comment to feature in our next Reviewed By You. And don’t forget, the featured penguin gets 10,000 coins! Dino-mite!!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

My Favorite Parts is that we can choose to NOT play in the Prehistoric if we want to and I LOVE how the Dino collection Sparkles :)

Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Spy Phone message from Gary :)

We have a NEW Spy Phone message :)

January 17, 2013


Anyone feel like creating a temporal singularity and traveling back in time with me? There are lots of dinosaurs there!

…Thanks for the invite Uncle G but due to the soundings I think I’m already there…LOL :) Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

See earlier Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy :)

Earn Coins by feeding Dinosaurs!

If you wear outfits from the Prehistoric items Catalog you can throw meat on Dinosaurs and make them ROAR! For this you will earn 5 coins :) Thanks Cooperpingu for helping me with this test!

Dinosaurs PUKE on Penguins!

Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin!

Non Members Transformation Ad!

You need to be a Club Penguin MEMBER to Transform into a Dinosaur! If you are a Non Member and try you will get this Advertising message: Transforming into a Dinosaur requires a paid membership. Members can:

  • Transform into a dinosaur
  • Scare caveguins with mighty roars
  • Collect rare prehistoric furniture

Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Gary’s Prehistoric Background :)

Gary the Gadget Guy is waddling around during the Prehistoric Party and if you meet him you can pick up his New Autographed Background :) OR if he is your Friend you can pick up this FREE item anytime through your Friends List :)

…This is how Gary’s New Background looks like on my Player Card :)

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party CHEATS :)

Prehistoric Catalog items CHEATS :)

Due to the Sneak Peek Spamming from Spike Hike the Prehistoric items Catalog feels like old items even though we can start to buy them today! Anyway here is the Catalog :)

…Items for Everyone! MORE Weapon! That’s just what CP needs…NOT! Caveguin Helmet 150 coins, Ugg Club 250 coins, Furry Shorts 250 coins, Trusty Spear 150 coins, The Grub Grub Hair Wig 300 coins, Prehistoric Gown 450 coins, The Yub Nub Hair Wig 300 coins, Stony Necklace 100 coins, Stony Bracelet 100 coins and Fuzzy Polka Dot Bikini 350 coins…

…The Gale Storm Hair Wig 350 coins, Prehistoric Staff 350 coins, Prehistoric Necklace 100 coins, Great Horn Mask 200 coins, Great Bone Cloak 350 coins, Brown Furry Boots 250 coins, Saber Toothed Helmet 400 coins and Thick Hide Cloak 200 coins :)

…Shale Cap 250 coins, Stone Bow Tie 50 coins, Fuzzy Blue Vest 350 coins, Rocky Headphones 100 coins, Rockman 200 coins, Caveguin Face Paint 50 coins, Furry Togs 350 coins and Gray Furry Boots 250 coins :)

…Biggest Brow 150 coins, The First Fire Hair Wig 300 coins, Warm Furry Frock 350 coins, Prehistoric Suit 450 coins and The Wheel 100 coins :)

…Prehistoric Helmet 400 coins and Prehistoric Tusks 250 coins :)

…There are no hidden Secret items in this Catalog!

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Dino Footprint Pin SHOULD be here at the Forest BUT it’s NOT! BUG! UPDATE: This bug is now Fixed :)

…A Humbug Holiday is Back at the Stage! BUG!

…The Stage is Christmas decorated BUT the Tour Guide, Costume Trunk Catalog and Script is still for the Penguins that time forgot :) UPDATE: This bug is now Fixed :)

…The Featured Postcards page is now back again :)

…There is a black background BUG on the notification!

…Shipwreck Island's Beacon is back again and Rockhopper’s Migrator is gone :)

…On Club Penguin home page the image and text has been updated from Members can show off the latest styles! Check out the NEW CATALOG! to Members can shop prehistoric styles! Check out the PARTY CATALOG! As so many times before the new items are not visible on Player Cards or Notifications! BUG!

…The Coins For Change sign has now been removed from Snow Forts :)

…In Agent Command room the EXIT and ELITE PENGUIN FORCE text…

…is a bit higher up :)

Club-Penguin- 2013-01-0672 - Copy

…In Dojo Hide the text…

…Flying Flippers has been condensed and Emporium moved up :)

…In the Lighthouse the text on the paintings…

…has been moved and adjusted :)

…In the Dance Lounge…

…the counters and time text has been moved up a little :)

…Puking does not work Underwater…

…or in Box Dimension..

…or in the Frost Bite Igloo :)

…On the login page copyright year changed from 2012 to 2013 :)

Agent Rookie’s Secret Mission book has been added back to the redeem page where you can unlock items online :)

…Here are Sneak Peeks of the Invisible Age of Dinosaurs Igloo :)

Invisible Age of Dinosaurs Igloo :)

…Sneak Peeks of Unlockable items to come :) Triceratops Shield :)

Triceratops Shield :)

…Bone Gray Togs :)

Bone Gray Togs :)

…Prehistoric Hammer Pin :)

Prehistoric Hammer Pin :)

…Popcorn :)

Popcorn :)

…And here is a White Tame Arctic Fox neck item that probably will be available inside Club Penguin online in the future :)

White Tame Arctic Fox neck item :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

Club Penguin Times issue 378 :)



Travel back to the Age of the Dinosaurs!

By Gary —EUREKA! I’VE DONE IT! We’ve successfully traveled back to the Age of the Dinosaurs. Get ready everyone, because now it’s time for some science! This will be the greatest discovery of my career! Well, what are you waiting for?! Let’s get digging!Collect those eggs!

I can barely contain my excitement! I just spotted a tyrannosaurus rex, and have been tracking a herd of triceratops all afternoon. And I have great news for all you dino-enthusiasts out there. I have perfected the Dino Transmogrification device! Now I just need prehistoric member scientists to collect eggs and transform into dinosaurs! So I can study them! Isn’t science magnificent?!Caveguins—be careful not to get too close to these prehistoric beasts. They have a nasty nip! Always carry food with you and feed them often. Great Scott—a Pteranodon just flew off with my notebook—see you back in time!


u feed dinos! they no try eat u!

By dUgglus — dino scary. they big. loud. sharp teeth. me run away. but me have secret. important secret. me share secret with you. Ooga Booga! you hear me. you look like dinos want to eat you. i help you not be food. Ugg! Ugg! ready? you see dino you throw meat. dino like meat. dino eat meat. dino be full. dino too full to eat you. you run away. you no get eaten. Ugg Ugg you owe me.

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Prehistoric Party Scientists and curious penguins everywhere— travel back in time with the Time Trekker!

On now! Items for Everyone! Caveguins and scientists everywhere, get the latest prehistoric fashions in the prehistoric forts.

New Party Emotes: Ugg make fire. Ugg want meat. Ugg need unibrow.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 23.
Next pin hidden: January 24–February 6

Grub Grub :)

UGG ugg. ooga booga. yub nub grub. dino ugg!

Ask Gary :)

UGG! what r on face? –Me Gurrr
These? They’re called glasses. I recently confirmed I can’t see very well without them. My left eye is -11.5 and my right eye is -13.5. Thanks for your question.

yellow shiny dino in forest! what that? –Urr Gurr
That, my good caveguin is called the Time Trekker. I invented it. It’s how I traveled from the future!

ur clothes funny! HAHAHA! –Mok Gurr
Yes, I do suppose they seem quite impractical to you. But I assure you they are perfect for scientific experiments! I shall have to bring you back a coat or two.

u have fuzzy beasts! i can eat?! –Hung Gurree
I’m afraid we have grown quite fond of their company, and keep them as pets. I urge you to try a prehistoric smoothie instead.

The eggs will provide crucial information for our experiments!

why you dig eggs? u make egg house? u hungry? –Gurr E Us
Research my good man. Research! I am utterly curious about dinosaurs and it’s absolutely exhilarating to be here to study them! I need to observe dinosaurs in their natural habitat, as well as their eggs. How long do they take to hatch, what do baby dinosaurs look like, what do they eat,  what color are dinosaurs, what sounds do they make, why do they look so grumpy, how fast do they run, can they jump, do they make good pets, would you want them on your team in a snowball fight? All questions that science has yet to answer! So I shall be conducting extensive observations, and taking plenty of notes. I assure you that everything will be put back right where it was found. I wouldn’t want to create a rift in the time-space-continuum.

Secrets Classified Dino Egg Hunt Tips :)

By Gary - Greetings fellow scientists! I’ve compiled a few proven methods to maximize your egg-finding potential.

  • Dig where small light particles refract off the sand. There will definitely be eggs there.
  • Keep excavating. There are remarkably rare eggs waiting to be unearthed.

Stand back when they hatch!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 377 :)

More soon…

Waterfall Igloo item Exit Page!

Disney Club Penguin has added another Prehistoric Exit page! Waterfall Igloo item will be available for members on January 19, 2013 Caution: May Attract T-Rex!

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party CHEATS :)

Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party is HERE and now the Dinosaurs FLY STOMP, ROAR and PUKE all over our Island! You can meet Gary the Gadget Guy during this Event and dig up Eggs! On this post you will find links and help guides to ALL Secrets, Free items and surprises! The Disney Club Penguin Prehistoric Party will be here between January 17 – 23, 2013! Back in Time! You have Traveled Back to the age of Dinosaurs! Gary needs your help digging up rare Dino-Eggs. Click on Dig for eggs!

…WOW! There are LOTS of interesting plants growing here :)

…mouse over and click on a crater…

…Would you like to play Dino Dig? Yes :)

…This Game looks like the Treasure Hunt BUT here you are playing alone!

Dino Dig Instructions: Dig for Dino Eggs There are 12 different kinds! Tip: Look for sparkly shells in the sand! Click on Ok…

…Click on the arrows to dig and…LOOK!

…CONGRATULATIONS! You found an Egg! Click on OK :)

…Collect all 12 Eggs to earn a Reward! If you click on the egg you have found you can read about that Dino and members can Transform into it! Members: Choose an egg to transform into a dinosaur! Hmmm…let’s try that…click on Transform…


…Click on map and  follow the instructions: Let’s Roar! It’s time to shake things up. Press “D” to roar! Roar in all hunting grounds to earn a rare prize. OK I will do that and make the ground shake…DONE! Claim Prize :)

…You have found a Lava Flow Igloo item would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :) If you want you can keep Roaring and pick up 99 of this item :)

January 19, January 21, January 23 and January 26 will MORE prizes to claim be available :)

…Time to try the Time Trekker!

…Back to the Future! When you want to leave the Tracker choose an arrow! Left for 2013 right for Prehistoric Time :)

…I LOVE that we can leave the Prehistoric time and play in Club Penguin as normal BUT I think it’s a BIG Mistake that we can play as Transformed Dinos in 2013! Dinosaurs don’t Puke on other Dinosaurs BUT they can PUKE on Penguins and this is both DISGUSTING and can be used as BULLYING! Who on Disney Club Penguin thought that this was a Good idea?

…if you don’t want to be a Dinosaur anymore just open your Player Card and click on Transform back into a penguin!

…HURRAY! I’m myself again :)

…if you want to go back in time again you can use the Time Trekker OR just click on the Prehistoric Party Go There sign at the Map .)

…I have 11 more Dino Eggs to Find :) Try again! You didn't find any eggs. Keep digging! OK I will but this will take some time! See you all around either in the past or the present :)

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party Sneak Peeks and Party info :)

Waterfall Igloo item Exit Page!

Club Penguin Times issue 378 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Prehistoric Catalog items CHEATS :)

Gary’s Prehistoric Background :)

Non Members Transformation Ad!

Earn Coins by feeding Dinosaurs!

Spy Phone message from Gary :)

Prehistoric Party - Reviewed By You :)

12 Dino Eggs Collected and Dino Details :)

Times to meet Gary in German Servers :)

Exit Message BUG!

Volcano Igloo item on Exit Page :)

Gary the Gadget Guy on server Alaska Now :)

ROAR and earn the Waterfall Igloo item :)

1 Month Club Penguin Membership for $1.99 USD :)

Dino Special Bug Effects CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Featured Igloos January 20, 2013 :)

Volcano Igloo item Available :)

Ancient Tree item on Exit Page :)

Exclusive Igloo Location on Exit Page :)

How to climb on walls? CHEAT :)

Times to meet Gary in Portuguese Servers :)

Ancient Tree Igloo Item Available :)

Times to meet Gary in English Servers :)

Club Penguin Times issue 379 :)

Club Penguin Stone Hammer Pin :)

Prehistoric Party Favorite? Penguin Poll :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Parent Update January 2013 :)

When and where to meet Gary the Gadget Guy in French Servers :)

Age Of Dinosaurs Igloo Location :)

Saraapril’s Prehistoric Stamp Book Decoration :)

I met Gary in Server White Out :)

Time Glitch!

Featured Fashions January 28, 2013 by Daffodaily5 :)

Which dino do you like being the best? Penguin Poll :)

I met Gary in Server Hockey :)

Prehistoric Tour Guide of Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Times issue 380 :)

Spy Phone message from Gary :)

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