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Friday, January 18, 2013

Gary the Gadget Guy on server Alaska Now :)

Message from Club Penguin: Trying to track down that nutty professor #Gary the Gadget Guy? Try logging on to the server Alaska at 6:30pm PST today!...

Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: Gary has left the Server!

Volcano Igloo item on Exit Page :)

Disney Club Penguin has added a NEW Exit page :) Volcano Igloo item will be available for members on January 21, 2013. YUB NUB! Warning: Your igloo may erupt with likes.

…Here you can read how to earn this reward Prehistoric Party CHEATS :)

Exit Message BUG!

Club Penguin has right now an Exit Message BUG promoting the OLD Holiday Party instead of the Prehistoric Party!

…I guess they will fix this soon and add another Prehistoric item ad instead!

Club Penguin BUGS!

UPDATE: Volcano Igloo item on Exit Page :)

Times to meet Gary in German Servers :)

This is a message from Federflink1:

Hey people,
have you seen Gary the Gadget Guy already? Our inventive penguin waddles during the prehistoric party over the entire island. He directs the studies of prehistoric penguins and dinosaurs ... and also running away from dinosaurs! ;-)

Here I have a few times and servers that will help you find and meet Gary:

January 21, 17:00 (Central European Time) Server Iglu

January 23, 16:00 (Central European Time) Server Lawine

January 25, 17:15 (Central European Time) Server Gletscher

January 28, 15:30 (Central European Time) Server Handschuhe

January 30, 16:30 (Central European Time) Server Schneeflocke

Keep an eye open for Gary and let me know if you met him. Have fun! Waddle On! Your Federflink1 from Club Penguin Team

…THANKS Federflink1 for this info :) I wish that you told us the rooms Gary with GUARANTEE will visit too so we don’t have to wait and wait in vain! Will Gary stay and PLAY in this room?

Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

12 Dino Eggs Collected and Dino Details :)

Yesterday I dug and dug and after A LOT of digging I found ALL the 12 Dinosaur Eggs :)

…I LOVE how they Sparkle :) Sadly there is a BUG that sometimes make them NOT Sparkle! If that happens to you just log off and then Login again and the Eggs will Sparkle again :)

…Time to pick up the Reward :) You have found a T Rex Hoodie Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Now I’m a Dinosaur…LOL :)

Dino Details: Click any Eggs you find to learn an astounding Dino Detail! Triceratops: The dreaded red Triceratops is known to knock down mountains for fun. For FUN.

Pteranodon: This strong scavenger is able to fly for up to two weeks at the time!

T-Rex: The strongest T-Rex to ever roam the Earth. Basically the scariest thing ever.

Triceratops: Watch out for this territorial Triceratops – it will charge any enemy, regardless of size.

Pteranodon: A silent hunter – this dino likes to drop in on its prey out of nowhere.

Pteranodon: This dino dive-bomber can eat five times its body weight in fish…and still fly!

T-Rex: A ferocious hunter – this Tyrannosaur's favorite meal is the Pizza-saurus! (LOL…Don’t take this fact too serious :)

Triceratops: Though generally a peaceful creature, it can crush titanium when it’s angry.

Pteranodon: A truly terrifying sight! This terrible pteranodon uses storm clouds for camouflage. (Really? How do we know that?)

Triceratops: This Triceratops is heavier then 23 caveguins. Also noisier. (For sure NOT Herbert’s favorite Dino…LOL :)

T-Rex: This T-rex may not be the biggest, but watch out for it’s razor-sharp fangs. (Oops! A spelling Bug it’s should be T-Rex)

T-Rex: This terrifying T-Rex is capable of chomping through icebergs!

…The YELLOW Pteranodon and the PURPLE Triceratops are my Favorite Dinos :)

Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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