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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Club Penguin sledding park at Big White :)

Thanks Lane Merrifield for this Picture :) I’m so HAPPY that you and your Family had a FUN Day in the Slopes at the CP sledding park at Big White :)

…Here is a Picture from 2010 Club Penguin Billboard at Big White :)

Hollywood Party in Club Penguin February 2013 :)

Here are some info from Spike Hike: To celebrate 5k followers, here's your sneak - For February, Club Penguin is going Hollywood and you can become a Superstar!!

Spike Hike says: Almost 5,600 followers! If we hit that number, I will reveal a secret about the Hollywood Party!

Spike Hike says: 5,600 followers! You did it! Here's the secret - At the Hollywood Party, you can act in 3 different movies! What do you think they will be?

Since Spike Hike opened his Twitter account he has bribed kids to follow him by promising Sneak Peeks and I don’t think that is cool at ALL as his actions and attitude reminds me A LOT about the dishonest people at Bin Weevils and Moshi Monsters! BAFTA Winners BRIBED Kids to get Votes!

Club Penguin Hollywood Party on Exit Page :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Hollywood Party Sneak Peeks :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS February 2013 :)

Hollywood Party CP Home Page Pictures :)

Club Penguin Times issue 380 :)

Hollywood Background on Club Penguin YouTube :)

Hollywood Party Background on Club Penguin Twitter :)

Hollywood Style Outfit – Penguin Poll :)

More Hollywood Party Sneak Peeks :)

VIP Penthouse Igloo and items Sneak Peek :)

Hollywood Party Coming Soon Sneak Peek :)

Club Penguin Hollywood Party News :)

New Furniture Catalog Sneak Peek :)

Hollywood Party Club Penguin VIDEO :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Detail :)

Hollywood Party NEW Exit Page :)

Club Penguin Times issue 381 :)

Shooting Star Pin CHEAT :)

Igloo Catalog CHEATS February 2013 :)

Furniture Catalog CHEATS February 2013 :)

Starring your Penguin – Reviewed by You :)

Superstar Special Club Penguin Magazine :)

Club Penguin Outdoor Activities :)

Famous Penguin - Penguin Poll :)

Hollywood Party Sneak Peek VIDEO :)

Emote Sneak Peek!

Featured Fashions February 11, 2013 by Daffodaily5 :)

UPDATE: Hollywood Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

1 Month Club Penguin Membership for $1.99 USD :)

Tips for kids in US! With this limited time only offer you can purchase a new 1 Month Club Penguin Membership for $1.99 USD instead of $7,95 USD and receive a bonus pack if the purchase is made using a recurring payment :)

The Prehistoric Party items Triceratops Shield and Bone Gray Togs are new items that only are available in this bonus back right now :)

Fine print: Limited Time Offer. This offer is only available between January 18, 2013 at 00:00 GMT and January 31, 2013 at 00:00 GMT. If you already have an active membership, you are not eligible for this promotion. If you pay with a recurring payment method (that is, with a credit card or PayPal), your membership bonus will be added to your account after payment is confirmed. If you already have the item(s), you will receive a different bonus instead. Bonus items are only accessible with an active membership. All membership paid with a recurring payment method automatically renew at standard (non-discount rate) unless cancelled. All memberships automatically renew unless cancelled. Prices subject to change.

Here is the earlier Club Penguin Membership Deal :)

ROAR and earn the Waterfall Igloo item :)

Today members can ROAR on these locations and earn the Waterfall Igloo item :) roar! Roar! ROar! ROAr! ROAR! Time to claim my Prize :)

…You have found a Waterfall would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This item is not currently available…

…ROAR! This is a BUG! ROAR!!!

Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: This bug is FINALLY Fixed! Why did it take Club Penguin so long to do that?

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