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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Club Penguin Featured Igloos January 20, 2013 :)

This is a message from Chattabox:

Hey there penguin pals!
The Prehistoric Party is well under way and I have to say I was SO impressed with this month’s igloo nominations! There were so many awesome Prehistoric themed igloos to choose from, I somehow finally managed to pick three of my favourites- it wasn’t easy! Check them out below:
Reuben7862 said: “You should check out my friend, Guitar Man 9’s iggy. His iggy is a tiki’s hut built on an island filled with lava pools and native animals.”

Liberty1111 said: “I think you should really check out Troyella’s Tiki Playground igloo. It is so cool and really creative! Tiki penguins should really check it out. Waddle On!”

Hippykid24 said: “Awesome igloos! I was looking for something to do when I found Peace6179’s igloo. It looks REALLY good and is perfect for the prehistoric party theme.”

Talk about going back in time! Those igloos were truly dino-rific! Now for something a little different, we’d love to see some Theme Park inspired igloos! So get your roller coaster rolling and your popcorn popping for a chance to have your igloo appear on our next featured igloos blog. If you know a friend that has a fun-tastic Theme Park igloo, be sure to let us know their penguin name in the comments below.
Until then- Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

GREAT Prehistoric decorations Everyone :) OK Chattabox I will look for Igloo decorations like that :)

Saraapril’s Amusement Park Igloo :)

Club Penguin Igloos :)

Dino Special Bug Effects CHEATS :)

Do you remember the Ghost Dance item Cheat? During this Prehistoric Party we can get a lot of similar effects if we use items that have a Special Dance :) First choose an item and do a Special Dance and them Transform into a Dinosaur…OH NO! The Dino ATE ME!!!

…Where will we go? Do I have to stay in the Dino’s belly FOREVER!?!HELP!!! LOL :) Don’t worry just open your Player Card and Transform back to a Penguin again :) Oops! I feel a little shaky…just leave the room and you will be normal again OR…

…ROAR while Transforming back :)

…If you leave the room during this Bug without Transforming back you will be a normal looking Dino :) Have FUN testing and Playing with this Bug :) Oops! the Pteranodon didn't like my Guitar playing OR maybe it did? LOL :)

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party CHEATS :)

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