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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I met Gary in Server Hockey :)

TOGETHER with other Penguins I waited inside the Time Trekker for Gary :)

…Sorry but as my Friends List is full I don’t get your requests BUT I’m so HAPPY that we are Friends anyway :)

…Gary SHOULD be here now BUT…Hmmm…Let’s go and search for him in the Prehistoric Club Penguin :)

…HURRAY! Gary is HERE! And he is telling us Dino Facts :) Did you know Triceratops means three-horned face?

…Triceratops look remarkably like rhinoceros. Did you know that Triceratops were 9 meters long and 3 meters tall? We must be careful not to disrupt anything!

...Gary was so HAPPY to discover fruits and veggies inside the Prehistoric Restaurant as that proves that cave penguins knew how to stay healthy :)

...Follow me this way! That way? But you started to waddle toward…OK we will do our best…LOL :)

…We had so many questions for Gary the Gadget Guy BUT…

…suddenly he DISAPPEARED and was nowhere to be found!

…Where is Gary? I’m not sure…can he have been caught in a Time Trekker Glitch? OR did a Pteranodon fly away with him?


Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Ella Henderson about Safer Internet Day 2013 :)

Ella Henderson talks about Safer Internet Day on Disney UK: Safer internet day is a day set aside every year to teach parents and kids how to stay safe online. We all spend lots of time on the internet playing games chatting to friends and sharing photos but it’s important to remember to treat everyone with respect and stay safe. Connecting with respect means being a good online friend and behaving just as you would in the real world. It means treating people how you’d like to be treated yourself It means checking before you share pictures videos or stories with anyone else it means telling someone if you think your friend is in trouble or is being bullied online and ultimately it means only calling someone a friend who would do the same for you.

Education is really important to teach kids how to stay safe online and Disney is donating 3 million Pounds of media to do just that. Over the next three years Disney will use it’s channels, websites, stores and magazines to help spread the word about staying safe online working with safety organizations like Childnet and CEOP.

Disney Club Penguin: We support Safer Internet Day 2013, February 5 :) Find out how to Connect with Respect and be a good online friend!

Get advice on staying safe online Thinkuknow?

Put your safety knowledge to the test :)

…THANKS Ella for supporting a SAFER Internet and for taking a stand AGAINST Bullying :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

Celebrate Safer Internet Day 2013 with a virtual laptop item :)

More Safer internet info: Safer Internet Day 2012 – Danger Drive Game :) Lane Merrifield Safer Internet Day 2012 Interview :)

UPDATE: Safer Internet Day 2013 with Ella Henderson VIDEO :)

UPDATE: Today is Safer Internet Day :)

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