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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS February 2013 :)

We have a NEW Penguin Style Catalog filled with new and old items :) As always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items Without ruin YOUR Fun to look for them :) DETAIL: The Cover page is NOT the one Club Penguin gave us earlier as a Catalog Sneak Peek!

…Would you like to buy Undefined for undefined coins? NO THANKS! If I do I will get STUCK in a FOREVER LOADING BUG! UPDATE: The New items in the Catalog are Now available :)

…The “Your Coins” label is New :)

…ALL Penguins can buy Backgrounds for 60 coins each and we have got two NEW ones :) The Studio Lot Background and Green Screen Background :) The Green Screen is right now only available for Members! BUG! UPDATE: This bug is now fixed :)

…The Right Direction Hair Wig 450 coins, 2 Cool Glasses 150 coins, Lavender Knit Scarf 200 coins, No Fuss Denim Jacket 400 coins, Hi-Lo Outfit 400 coins, White Untied Sneakers and Hipster Hightops 250 coins are NEW items :)

…Mouse over this page to find the Secret NEW item Black Shoulder Bag 200 coins :)

…The Concrete Wave Hair Wig 450 coins, Neon Skater Punk Outfit 400 coins, Pink & Purple Laced Hightops 250 coins, The Free Ride Hair Wig 450 coins, Laid Back Gray Hoodie 400 coins, Purple & Yellow Laced Hightops, Red Longboard 450 coins and Neon Blue Longboard 450 coins are NEW items :)

…The Twilight Sky Hair Wig is a NEW item :)

…Wide Awake Eyes 150 coins is a New item :)

…Kitty Cat Eyes 150 coins is a New item :)

…Diva Glam Eyes 150 coins is a New item :)

…Starlet Eyes 150 coins is a New item :)

…Red Carpet Looks :)

…The Right Stuff Hair Wig 500 coins, Jazzy Gray Shirt 450 coins, The Lead Hair Wig 300 coins, Prom King Tux 550 coins, The Double O Hair Wig 250 coins, Navy Royale Tux 550 coins, The Soulful Diva Hair Wig 400 coins, Shimmer Diva Dress 600 coins, The Glamorous Hair Wig 400 coins, Midnight Glamor Dress 375 coins, The Prom Perfect Hair Wig 350 coins, Night Sky Prom Dress 450 coins and Navy Clutch 150 coins are NEW items :)

…Classy T-Shirt 150 is an Old item :)

…Here are some old Hidden items :) Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close three times then open again…

…CONGRATS! You have found the Secret Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…The Sea Breeze Hair Wig 450 coins :)

…Silver Stilettos 275 coins :)

…Squiggle Shoes 200 coins :)

…Cozy Orange Scarf 200 coins :)

…Tree Costume 600 coins :)

…Bunny Slippers 200 coins :)

…and that’s all New and Old hidden items in this Catalog :) 

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

Right now Club Penguin Toys page is Down! Uh-oh! It looks like you have taken a wrong turn. Here are a few links to get back on track:

UPDATE: The link has been fixed and the Toys page has been renamed to Products :)

…Right now I can’t login to Club Penguin as I keep getting STUCK in a FOREVER LOADING BUG! UPDATE: I have no problem to login with my Non Member Test Penguin BUT I still can’t login with my Member Penguin! I hope Club Penguin will fix this soon! UPDATE: HURRAY! I can now login with my Member Penguin Again :)

…On the Home Page this has been added Members can shop the latest Hollywood style! Check out the NEW CATALOG :)

…Sneak Peeks of Unlockable items to come :) Neon Green Helmet :)

Neon Green Helmet :)

…Bling Bling Necklace comes with The Party Starts Now EP :)

Bling Bling Necklace :)

…Neon Green Longboard :)

Neon Green Longboard :)

…Here are some other items that probably will be available inside Club Penguin :) Director’s Chair :)

Director’s Chair :)

…There is no name on this Punk Hairdo!

…Graffiti Arch Ramp :)

Graffiti Arch Ramp :)

…Graffiti Stair Ramp :)

Graffiti Stair Ramp :)

…VIP Penthouse Igloo :)

VIP Penthouse Igloo :)

…This is how the updated Products page look like :) This is how the Toys page looked like before :)

…The New Books and Magazines page :)

…Example of one Books and Magazine page :)

…The updated Where to Buy page :) This is how it looked like before :)

…Membership Packs page :)

…Membership Pack – Cadence :)

Yo peeps!

Inside this Club Penguin Membership Pack, super stars like Cadence will find everything they need! Includes: one month membership to, 6.5" Cadence penguin plush, 4" yellow puffle plush, a 2" red puffle clip-on keychain and a bonus coin card to unlock the exclusive Purple Boombox, 2 items from the latest Treasure Book and 1500 coins.

…Membership Pack – Rockhopper:)

Arr me hearties!

Inside this Club Penguin Membership Pack be everything a Rockhopper fan could need! Includes: one month membership to, 6.5" Rockhopper penguin plush, 4" red puffle plush, a 2" brown puffle clip-on keychain and a bonus coin card to unlock the exclusive Captain's Coat, 2 items from the latest Treasure Book and 1500 coins.

…Club Penguin a Revista issue 7 in Portuguese :)

…The font for the Penguin name has been updated on the login page :) The letters are now closer to each other…

…This is how the Text looked like earlier :)

…The Head for many of the head items has been updated  :)

…The Club Penguin Parent and Club Penguin Parent Tools pages have been updated with Parent Tools Login :) Here you can see how the old Club Penguin Parent page looked like :)

…This is how the New Parent Tools Login page looks like :)

…The Create Parent Account is updated too :)

…and so is the Parent Tools page…

…the Chat Mode selection…

…the Timer settings…

…and the Edit Parent Profile :)

…The Books and Magazines text on the US Products page is in German and..

…some of the text on the US Books and Magazines page is in German too! BUG!

…A day or two ago two Help pages were updated :)

…The Help page How do I clear my cache? has new images and updated instructions :) This is how it looked like before: How do I clear my cache?

…The Help page Can I get Puffle Launch on the Android? now says “Yes! Visit Android’s app market Google Play and search for ‘Puffle Launch’.

Club Penguin Bugs!

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