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Sunday, February 3, 2013

FUN with Friends :)

Hi Friends :) Nice to meet you too :)

…the Prehistoric Party will soon be here BUT before it starts I need to earn TONS of Coins :)

…Hi Rudiko :) You found the way to the  Club Penguin Prehistoric Party too :) Hmm…isn't it a strange feeling to know that what we are saying right now happened for Millions of years ago…LOL :)

…I like Vindore’s Prehistoric Igloo :)

…Hi Axon7 and Chinhopper I’m testing an old special effects BUG!

…I LOVE that we must WORK to get items as that’s so much MORE FUN than just pick them up :)

…Joshua64885 has made a Prehistoric Igloo in Herbert Style just in case he would find his way to the Prehistoric time and need somewhere to stay :) AWESOME! That’s so kind of you :) I’m sure he will appreciates the warmth from the volcanoes :)

…Bingo4499 is very kind and likes to feed Hungry Dinos :)

…Thanks for the Food :)

…Corn Dog 123 has an excellent aim and throws food right into my beak too :) Yummy yummy!

…OH NO! After transformed into a Triceratops Corn Dog 123 got STUCK in a TRAP! Don’t worry friend I will soon free you! Chews on rope...THERE :) Let’s HURRY away from here!

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with you ALL ROCK!!!

FUN with Friends :)

Featured Igloos February 3, 2013 by Chattabox :)

This is a message from Chattabox:

Hey there Flippered Friends!
Thank you for all the amazing igloo nominations you sent in! I’ve picked a few of my favourites to share with you here:
Chockie432 said: Iceboy3818 has an awesome amusement park Iggy! There’s a rollercoaster going between lava into blue fire, a haunted house, a kingdom, candy apples and a swim pool with waterfalls and Rockhopper’s ship! Also, there is a colourful place to buy your tickets! It is amazing and so much fun! You gotta check it out!”

Knuckles8100 said: “You should check Shuttle8’s Jurassic Park. It’s really awesome. I think it looks like a Club Penguin room for the Prehistoric party!” Macks1 said: “Great igloos!! I think you should check out my friend Sky Sky26’s igloo! It’s a really neat Theme Park! I think you guys would like it!”
All the nominated igloos were SO much fun to visit! I had such a blast picking my favourites to share with you all! Now, I don’t know how many of you know this already, but Chinese New Year is right around the corner and to celebrate we would love to see some Chinese New Year inspired igloos! So bring out the Dojo igloos and the Card-Jitsu mats to help us celebrate! If you know someone that has fabulous Chinese New Year igloo, let us know their penguin name and why you think their igloo should be featured in the comments below. Stay tuned to see what igloos we pick next!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Please Chattabox can you fix the BUG so we can SEE the Pictures?

Club Penguin BUGS!

Club Penguin Igloos :)

UPDATE: The Pictures are now added :)

More FUN with Friends Holiday Party 2012 :)

It’s already February 2013 BUT here are some MORE Fun with Friends pictures from the Holiday Party 2012 :) I hope you enjoy this waddle on Memory Lane :) On Rockhopper’s Ship I met Hogo2011 and Oshawatt970 and they were both a little sad as they couldn't enter the Captain’s Quarter…

Rockhopper’s Key is hidden here in a Book at the Club Penguin Times office (earlier called Book Room) You found the key? AWESOME! Do you have the Friendship Bracelet that is hidden in another Book too? You do! GREAT :)

…HURRAY! Now we ALL can Play Treasure Hunt in Rockhopper’s Quarter :)


…TOGETHER we had so much FUN helping Santa to deliver Presents :)

…and we ate TONS of Holiday Cookies :)

…Here I am TOGETHER with Honeypup34 in her Christmas decorated Igloo eating Yummy Cookies :) THANKS Honeypup34 these home made Cookies are so delicious :)

…Mr li came and visited me and told me about a BUG! When you throw a snowball in the Frost Bite Palace it just vanish! UPDATE: This bug is now fixed :)

…I like Mr li’s Igloo it’s PERFECT for a Dance Party :)

…I LOVE to Bake Coins for Change Cookies :) How to Bake in the Bakery? VIDEO :)

…Let’s Bake MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Cookies…LOL :)

…Cookie eating time…I agree Mr li :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

…It’s FUN to be a car and Race :)

…Vindore helped us train driving during severe conditions…LOL :)

…My car is very environment friendly as it runs on Music instead of gas…

…Time to recharge the car Batteries…La la laaa la :)

…The Puffle House at the Forest is AWESOME :)

…Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too Fairycl :)

…Supergami and I are singing HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 :)

…THANKS to ALL Kind and FUNNY Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

FUN with Friends :)

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