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Monday, February 4, 2013

Card-Jitsu Snow Villains!

This is a message by Polo Field:

Greetings Ninjas!
Last week we announced the upcoming Card-Jitsu Snow beta test. Thanks for all your comments - it's awesome to see you're as excited as we are! And now it's time for even more big news...
The team is working on NEW VILLAINS for ninjas to battle!

WHO ARE THESE GUYS?!? Leave a comment below to tell us where you think they came from...
And check back often! Over the next few weeks, we'll be sneak peeking Card-Jitsu Snow content!
Until then... Waddle On!

I think those Villains are the products of someone’s imagination that LOVE WAR and FIGHTING! I remember when CP was about Friendship and FUN TOGETHER with Friends BUT those days are sadly almost GONE thanks to Disney and I wonder if they ever will come back? I think Card-Jitsu should keep being about Friendly Battling and learning to be a smart and skilled player and NOT about GANG FIGHTING!

Strange Shadow on Ninja Amulet!

UPDATE: Card-Jitsu Snow 2013 :)

VIP Penthouse Igloo and items Sneak Peek :)

Here is a picture from Polo Field of the NEW VIP Penthouse Igloo and some NEW items! I LOVE the concert grand piano and chair :)

…The NEW Club Penguin Furniture Catalog will be available February 7, 2013 so now I need to earn TONS of coins so I can afford this :)

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

Strange shadow on Ninja Amulet!

This is a message from Federflink1:

Hey people, the diligent blog readers among you has not missed that we will soon get a brand new game: Card-Jitsu Snow! The snowflake on the ninja amulet had been foreshadowed. Long been rumors of a strange shadow. As you can see on the amulet, there is a thick black stone the middle. Whether the amulet represents us a sign?

What do you think it has? With the black stone on the amulet to be Just leave me to your comment in the box below.
Together we can come to the secret hope to track down ... I look forward to your comments!
Fins Winker Greetings :-)
your Federflink1 from Club Penguin Team

I think the black stone is about Shadow Ninjas and I hope that if Shadow ninjas work TOGETHER they can Tip the Iceberg :)

Shadow Ninja items Sneak Peek ANIMATED :)

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