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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saraapril’s Chinese New Year Igloo :)

TOGETHER my Puffles and I have decorated our home for the Chinese New Year Celebration :)

…You want to start our dinner Orange? Just wait a little and we will soon eat :)

…I think it’s AWESOME that Sensei will be waddling around in Club Penguin tomorrow so we can Celebrate TOGETHER with him :) Unlock FREE Dragon Costume and Party with Sensei :)

See earlier Igloo decoration Saraapril’s Prehistoric Igloo :)

Disney Connected Learning :)

I LOVE to learn new things and when we play Club Penguin they sometimes try to help us learn skills while we are playing :)

”Disney 'Connected Learning' Aims To Infuse Games with Learning and currently three of the 26 or so games in Club Penguin incorporate these learning goals: Pufflescape, Jelly Bean Counter and Bits & Bolts. (Another five games are slated to go online in April.)” edSurge

…I wonder what these Five new Games will be about? BUT will it really be games in Club Penguin OR do they refer to the “five preschool titles for mobile platforms, created from scratch, that use Disney characters such as Cinderella, Toy Story, Ariel, Cars and Fairies” they talk about further down in the article? Time will tell :)

What do kids learn when they play Pufflescape? The Puffles interact with their environment according to the rules of Newtonian mechanics. Different levels of the game encode or represent different learning goals.

Pufflescape is one of my FAVORITE Games to play in CP and I really hope it will be MORE smart Games in Club Penguin as I’m not afraid to use my Brain :)

Club Penguin Games :)

Club Penguin Magazine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland :)

Here is a message from February 6, 2013 by Federflink1:

Hey people,
only one more week, then the first edition of the German Club Penguin magazine comes out . It is so unbelievably exciting!
Many interesting facts and stories about Club Penguin waiting for you, not to mention a code for 7-day membership. So, don’t miss: On 13 February, the Club Penguin Magazine comes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in every major newspaper shop!
You are also excited and super curious as I am? ... Here is a Sneak Peek: Find out which Puffle best suits you:

Let me know what Puffles is your Favorite and why. I look forward to your comments. Have fun!

Thanks for the information Federflink1 and CONGRATS to Germany, Austria and Switzerland :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

UPDATE: The Club Penguin Magazine now on Sale!

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