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Monday, February 11, 2013

Featured Fashions February 11, 2013 by Daffodaily5 :)

This is a message from  Daffodaily5:

Lights… Camera… Can you guess this week’s theme yet? Welcome to the set of “Director Daffo’s Movie Star Spectacular: Part 1!” The upcoming Hollywood Party has attracted so many superstars to the Island - so, in true Hollywood style, I’m bringing this special edition of Featured Fashions in 2 parts! Places everyone! Aaaaand action!!
Here we have Swaty7, who stars as the robot pirate  on a quest to find an internet connection for his laptop! He treks by day and camps by night… but will he ever find his wifi?

Check out Playpaws! She looks like she does epic stunts in an extreme sports movie or something! I love how her skate board matches her outfit. Thanks Zoebug1114 for nominating her.
Did someone call for an elf princess? Clubby71693 looks so epic with her tiara and furry boots; you can tell she is from a distant magical land!
Thank you Mariaglowy for nominating the fabulous Fluffy443; mega hair, mega bow, mega ruffles… you are a musical MEGASTAR!
Aaaaand CUT!
If you want to star in Part 2 of this Featured Fashions special, you will need to audition by leaving your name (or your friend’s name) in the comments below!
Waddle on!

I would like to nominee Krisi02 as I like the idea of a Musical Ninja Dragon that can use a Computer :)

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

Sensei Celebrating Chinese New Year in Server Mountain :)

Two hours before Sensei was supposed to be online in server Mountain I logged in and the Dojo Courtyard was already crowded! Hi Friends :) Sorry my List is full so I can’t add anyone but if you have less then 50 saved postcards in your mailbox I can send you a postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends anyway :)

…while waiting for Sensei we Danced, talked about Friends, Favorite Music, Favorite Films, Birthdays and much MORE :)

…TOGETHER WE ROCK!!! And we can ALL master wind…EWWWW…LOL :)

…We decided to make Tea for Sensei and so we did :)

…HURRAY! It’s time for Sensei to login on this Server and he will eventually visit this room :)

…Hello and good day! HI SENSEI :)

…It is good to see you bows…Good too see you too Sensei bows back :)

…Greetings, You have impressed me this last year, Happy New Year, May it be prosperous, May everyone be happy and healthy, May good luck and good fortune be with you, It’s the year of the snake, snakes are wise, The energy will help us face challenges ahead, How did you celebrate the new year?

…I decorated my Igloo and ate food :) Interesting, I celebrated with a nice cup of tea…

…GREAT way to Celebrate Sensei :) Sensei made Tea for EVERYONE! THANKS Sensei :) You are welcome Grasshoppers :) Did you make new year resolutions? Yes Sensei I will learn more :)

…There is always something new to learn it is important to be prepared, I have sensed a change in the elements I do not yet know what it means…I wish to teach more students the art of Card-Jitsu…Such mystery! The Future holds…Friend requests are greatly welcomed :) We must train well this year, For a new dawn approaches, The sun might shine but the clouds must clear, you must train day and night!

… I will Sensei and THANKS for the wise words and hot Tea :) You are welcome grasshopper :)

…Then Sensei went to the Snow Forts :)

…Many Penguins both at the Dojo Courtyard and here told that Sensei had a Autographed Background BUG! I already have his Background so I couldn't test that BUT if you met Sensei and didn't got his background you can contact Club Penguin Support and ask them to add it :) And if you play on a slow computer and get “stuck” make sure you play Club Penguin in small screen mode and with low quality and hopefully that will help :)

…I am honored to have you as my students! We must help each other!

…Agree! We are HONORED to BE your Students! Bows…

…I must go now take care and remember the future is near so keep practicing, until then SENSEI VANISH!

…Hi Friends :) I’m fine Thanks how are you? I think it was AWESOME to Celebrate Chinese New Year TOGETHER with Sensei :)


…If you want to Celebrate the Chinese New Year TOGETHER with Sensei too look at this link Unlock FREE Dragon Costume and Party with Sensei :)

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