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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Award Show Exit Page :)

We have a new Club Penguin Hollywood Party Exit page :) Award Show February 21 - 26, 2013! Members can win Awards and Earn Swag! Features shown require paid membership!

Hollywood Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Hollywood Party is here in Club Penguin BUT sadly there is a BUG so we can’t enter the Bus that Dubstep dances on! There was an error…

…the same Bug is found at the Snow Forts!

…inside the Clothes Shop there is a Special Hollywood Party Catalog but sadly there is a BUG so nothing happen when I click on the icon…

…The Hollywood Party items Catalog doesn't work anywhere!

…Items for Everyone = BUG! This is NOT FUN!! UPDATE: These Bugs are now Fixed :)

…We have three NEW Party Emotes :)

…There is an ad for the Club Penguin’s First Album added on the Home page! if you click on Album Available on iTunes…

…Leaving Club Penguin? You are headed to the iTunes store, where there is a different Terms of Use and Private Policy. Remember to get a parent’s permission to buy anything online. Stay Here? Go To iTunes?

Club Penguin BUGS!

More soon…

Hollywood Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

The Disney Club Penguin Hollywood Party is HERE and on this post you will find links to all the FREE items, Cheats, Secrets and Surprises :)

Hollywood Party in Club Penguin 2013 Sneak Peeks :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Award Show Exit Page :)

Club Penguin Times issue 382 :)

Hollywood Party Secrets - How to earn items :)

Hollywood Party items Catalog :)

Gary’s New Background :)

Aunt Arctic’s New Background :)

Times to meet Famous Penguins in German Servers :)

Times to meet Characters in French Servers :)

Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy!

Club Penguin Awards Show Beginning February 21, 2013 :)

Hollywood Party - Reviewed By You :)

Cadence at Stage A Hollywood Party :)

Album Release Party invitation!

Times to meet Mascots in Spanish Servers :)

Thanks for joining us at the Album Release Party!

Hollywood Party - Penguin Poll :)

How to become a Director?

Director items BUG!

Clapboard item earned :)

Action Stage Studio B is OPEN :)

High-Speed Getaway Stage B ANIMATED :)

Film Director Cap item earned :)

Movie Camera item and Director title earned :)

Si-Fi Stage Studio C is OPEN! ANIMATED :)

Cadence will be in French Servers these Times :)

Saraapril’s Hollywood Stage A Igloo :)

What’s in the air?

Gary in Space FUN with Friends :)

Club Penguin Featured Igloos February 17, 2013 :)

Code to unlock FREE Club Penguin item :)

Meet Cadence in English Servers :)

Awards Show Room Sneak Peek :)

Meet Cadence in French Servers Today :)

How to win a Trophy on Awards Show?

Times to meet Aunt Arctic in English Servers :)

Club Penguin Times issue 383 :)

Club Penguin Golden Award Pin CHEAT :)

Awards Show is OPEN!

HELP! I can’t enter the Awards Show!

Aunt Arctic in French Servers Today :)

Hollywood Awards Show ANIMATED :)

Spy Phone Message from Dot :)

Parent Update February 2013 :)

CP Movie Stages Reviewed By You :)

Favorite Film to Star in - Penguin Poll :)

Aunt Arctic at Awards Show :)

Silver Awards now Available :)

FUN with Friends and BUGS!

Gold Awards now Available :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Cc Lemon :)

Saraapril’s Hollywood Party Stamp Book :)

Times to meet Aunt Arctic in French Servers TODAY :)

Featured Fashions February 25, 2013 :)

Meet Aunt Arctic in French Servers February 26, 2013 :)

Earned Stamps are MISSING!

Times when Aunt Arctic will visit French Servers TODAY :)

Free code and Puzzles from Club Penguin Magazine :)

Hollywood Party Tour Guide :)

The wheels on the Bus go…

The Club Penguin Magazine now on Sale!

This is a message from Federflink1:

Hey friends,
Finally... drum roll and fanfare! Today comes the first edition of the Club Penguin magazine out. The magazine has puzzles and stories, lots of comics, pictures and lots of information about Club Penguin. In this issue, there is also a unique code for 7-days free membership and a great penguin flashlight! How to unlock a code in Club Penguin?
And this is the first issue of the magazine Club Penguin:

The Magazine is published every two months and the next edition will be in April 2013.
What other topics would you enjoy in a future issue? I look forward to your comments. Have fun!
Waddle On :-)

Thanks for the reminder Federflink1 I'm sure TONS of kids has been waiting for Today :) Here is a Sneak Peek from the inside of this CP Magazine Club Penguin Magazine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

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