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Friday, February 15, 2013

Director items BUG!

When I logged into Club Penguin with my Non Member Test Penguin I got an item BUG! ALL the Director items were available to Claim and pick up and that even as I don’t have taken any pictures of Superstars to earn those Prizes! BUG!

…I already had picked up the Digital Camera yesterday BUT here is the Clapboard!

Club-Penguin- 2013-02-0676 - Copy

…Film Director Cap!

…and Movie Camera!

…The Movie Camera item is not currently available! GREAT :) I think it’s much MORE FUN to EARN the items then get them thanks to a BUG and now I have to do that to get the last item  :)

…I closed the page and then reopened it and then the Bug was gone :)

…This is how my Test Penguin looks like with three of the Director items :)

Hollywood Party Secrets - How to earn items :)

Hollywood Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Puffle T-Shirt for Kids :)

Here is a Puffle T-Shirt that is for sale and Disney claims it’s for boys BUT I would LOVE to have this HAPPY Puffles T-Shirt too so I think it’s for BOTH Boys and Girls :)

Info from Disney Store UK: Liven up their summer days in this funky lime green T-shirt featuring printed artwork of their favorite Puffle friends from Disney Club Penguin.

  • Boys' green T-shirt
  • Character prints from Club Penguin
  • Ribbed neck line
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable

Orange Club Penguin T-Shirt with Puffles :)

Club Penguin Clothing, Accessories and Toys :)

How to become a Director?

During the Hollywood Party ALL Penguins can become a Director and unlock items by taking pictures of Superstars :) Thanks Tipski for reminding me about this :) You can see the progress on the film as white dots and as you can see I still have TONS of photos to take before I have earned all the items but the Party is here until February 26, 2013 so I have lots of time left to do that :)

…Say CHEESE Please…Click, click, click…

Hollywood Party Secrets - How to earn items :)

Hollywood Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

New Card-Jitsu Villain: Sly!

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hey ninjas,
In the last few weeks, we introduced you to two brand new Card-Jitsu characters. You met Scrap, the mouthy athlete, and Tank, the muscly thug. Now it's time to meet the third.
Last, but not least.... here's Sly:

This guy's always got his eye on the action... He's devious. He's determined. He's dangerous.
Some interesting facts:

  • Favorite Drink: Cola in a can
  • Favorite Food: Chicken wings with blue cheese dip
  • Quirk: Obsessively polishes his bowling ball while scheming
  • Quote: "Oh yah, we'll get 'em. Ooooh Yah..."

So now you know who you're up against... how are you going to stop them?!?
Waddle on!

Fire beats Ice…as they are made of snow we can probably melt them BUT as that would KILL them that’s too CRUEL! Hmmm…this requires some more thinking…

Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test Announcement :)

Hollywood Party - Penguin Poll :)

The Hollywood Party is on! What's your favorite part? Cruising in the limo? Hanging out on set? Hitting the red carpet? Hollywood emotes? I will vote for the Limo as I LOVE it :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) You can vote too on YOUR Favorite answer :)

…See earlier Disney Club Penguin Poll :)

Thanks for joining us at the Album Release Party!

This is a message from Polo Field:

What an awesome Album Release Party we had today. So many penguins joined us online today to celebrate the release of "The Party Starts Now". It was excellent! Thanks to everyone for patiently waiting for us. We know it was busy online today!
We visited some igloos, and I saw a bunch of penguins with Bling-Bling Necklaces, too!

We ate pizza with Gajotz, the CP blogger from Brazil and Tato Maxx, the CP blogger from Argentina!

And then went sledding at the Ski Hill! Apparently I'm not very good at sledding... #FieldFridayFail

Then we shouted out our favorite songs from the top of the Ski Hill before saying farewell...

Thanks for logging on with us!
For those of you that asked, you can get the Bling-Bling Necklace by purchasing a copy of the Club Penguin album, "The Party Starts Now!" It's available in stores in the USA, and through digital download online. For more details on how to get the Bling-Bling Necklace, check out this blog post: Club Penguin Album Out Now.
Thanks for all the fun, and we'll see you on the island again soon. Happy #FieldFriday! :)
Until then... Waddle On!

I’m so HAPPY that you had FUN at the Party :) TOGETHER we ALL ROCK in Club Penguin!!

Club Penguin :)

Times to meet Mascots in Spanish Servers :)

This is a message from Tato Maxx:

Hey penguins!
Lights, camera, Hollywood! As you have seen, the island is full of superstars! And I know you are anxious to find your favorite ... right? Well, I tell you that during the party Lights, camera, Hollywood will have the stellar performance and direction of Sensei, Cadence, Gary and Aunt Arctic!

Here is the detail of when and where you can meet them...

Sensei: February 16, 2013 at 2 pm (Club Penguin Standard Time) Server: Aletazo ninja
Gary: February 17, 2013 at 12 pm (Club Penguin Standard Time) Server: Calcetines de lana
Cadence: February 20, 2013 at 6 am (Club Penguin Standard Time) Server: Yeti
Aunt Arctic: February 25, 2013 at 10 am (Club Penguin Standard Time) Server: Avalancha

They will be walking around the island for several days, so you might take them by surprise at some other time. And surely they are surrounded by fans and paparazzi, sharpen your eyes wide!
Waddle On ;)

Thanks for the Tracking Tips Tato Maxx :)

Times to meet Famous Penguins in German Servers :)

Times to meet Characters in French Servers :)

Hollywood Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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